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DPF Regeneration
Hi all, 
Has anyone got any advise for triggering passive DPF regeneration ?
The handbook say drive at over 40MPH when warmed up, but for how long, what throttle setting, what gear, what engine revs ????
My Blingo is mainly used about town, with only the occasional motorway run, and I have got my self scared about DPF horror stories.
Cheers, Richard
2014 B9 Blingo 1.6 Diesel Auto
About 1/4 hour should do you, you dont need to worry about gear or revs, just a steady plod should sort it out, this works fine for mine. The exhaust just needs to get hot.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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If you need to worry about the DPF you have the wrong engine.

Do decently long journeys and diesels are great. If you just pop to the shops a few times a week you will soon wished you had bought a petrol car.
That's why I went for a diesel I do about 100 miles a day, all motorway driving, 50 miles their,50 miles back, I think just chugging around town is not good for a diesel engine,
You need to get the engine up to temp take it for a run with the rev's above 2,000 rpm for ten minute's job done they regen in a very short time .
If you like a diesel engine have one there not that hard to look after .
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It can't be impossible for you to run it along a dual carriageway for about 10miles at 50mph once a month. Do that & you can spend the rest of the time driving around town.

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