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Checking how much DPF Additive is left in your tank
After my last full service, the dealer informed me that my DPF Additive pouch had a slight leak, so I started investigation how to change it myself to save a few £'s.

While looking through Diagbox to find out where I needed to 'reset the counter', I came across a page that tell you how much additive is left.

I was quite surprised that at 80000 miles, I still have 59% of the additive left

Here is my Diagbox guide on how to check it for yourself

.pdf   Checking How Much Diesel Particle Filter Additive is Left.pdf (Size: 216.45 KB / Downloads: 100)
It's not a measured amount though is it? It is based on the assumption that the tank was filled up, counters reset and then reduced by the number of times the fuel filler cap was opened x the measured amount that is injected into the system.
Its probably accurate from new, but if the tank has not been filled up full and the counters reset then the info will not be correct.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
Hi ntm 1275 there is a known fault with these Eloys bladder's part number PSA EO 02268305 they fail the part's sale's man told me Citroen won't tell but they do know about it you the new bladder part number is PSA 9678101680 £170.36 .
The first thing to do is get a case number from Citroen customer care you can find their email on their site then take it to Citroen dealer to get it checked tell them you know there is a know fault with the the bladder they should change it for free .
I've taken up case with them but they would not pay up because i changed it my self if you want my case number to give them a push along PM me i will give it to you the case number so you know there are other case's .
Now if you want to change it your self it's very easy to do but ware glove's it will stain your hand's when you take the bladder cover off it will spill so don't be underneath stand to one side don't let them getaway with it .
The Eloys counter will not know there is a leak so it think's there's 59% still in there Citroen will set the counter if they fit the new bladder so keep that in mind HTH.
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Thank you Jed, I have contacted Citroen customer care and I'm waiting for their reply, so I may take you up on the offer of your case number

On my Berlingo, it has a flexible pouch that gets renewed when empty, it cannot be refilled - it apparently is a serviceable part.
Based on this, you would not expect a serviceable part to start leaking before it runs dry, which means that it must have been defective when it was manufactured, or the standard of manufacture was not up to what it should have been so could fall under the sale of good act as 'not fit for purpose'
It hasn't been damaged as the pouch is contained inside a case that has no visible marks to indicate any impact has occurred.
I have all the previous owners full service history from a Citroen dealership as it was a motability car and I know I haven't had any work done to the pouch, so I'm pretty confident it is the original untouched pouch.

Well, well, well. This is a case of "If you don't ask you don't get"

Thank you Jed for suggesting I contact Citroen Customer Care about my leaking Eolys pouch

I had my first reply from the customer care saying, they were sorry I wasn't happy about the deterioration of the 'additive pouch' but  because of the age of my car (2010) and mileage (81000 miles), they wouldn't be able to help me.

I then picked up on a few phrases they used in their reply to respond to them

First of all they said that the pouches deteriorate with age especially at the seem
My argument to this was that if a car that does 81000 miles and has 59% of the fluid left (more than the average 12000 miles per year), then conceivably there is enough fluid in the pouch when new to last me for approx 137000 miles before it is empty. Why would Citroen manufacture a part that has no chance of ever using up all the fluid because the pouch would start leaking well before that and would need to be changed. I then continued to say either all pouches are made with sub standard materials by Citroen or mine had a manufacturing fault.

They next said that the pouch was not a 'serviceable item'
I argued against this by saying that if it was not a serviceable item, then you would expect it not to fail before it had used up all the fluid.

I then ended by saying that if Citroen know that these pouches have no chance of reaching the point of using up all their fluid because they deteriorate, then Citroen should state that this item should be changed at a particular mileage/age as they can start leaking. This would then make it a 'serviceable part'.

I expected the same response as I had the first time "sorry, but there is nothing we can do about it", but to my surprise, I get a phone call from Customer Care offering to pay for the part if I was prepared to pay for the labour of fitting, which they said would be about £70

Not wanting to push my luck, I accepted this and today I had a phone call from my local Citroen dealership to say that Customer Care had contacted them saying they would pay for the part and to order me a new one.
Once the part is in, the dealership will ring me to arrange a date for me to bring the car in.

I'm extremely happy about this outcome and it will save me (if Jed is correct) £170.36 for the cost of the part

The morale of this story is that, with the speed at which Citroen backed down when I started to question the quality of the pouches does seem to indicate that they know there is an issue and are happy to replace the part when pushed

Thank you Jed once again for suggesting I contact Customer Care
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Glad your getting it sorted happy days i think i will get contact with them to see if i can get something out of them.
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The level as said is deduced rather than measured so if you pierce it when it's at 54% for example, and it emptys, the imaginary counter will still count down from 54%... it won't actually know it's empty...

So the counter you refer to is next to useless in reality unless you know it doesn't leak

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