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Car smell...
probably completely the wrong place to post apologies!!I have got a Peugeot partner tepee on a 13 plate  the problem is that someone (dont read this if at meal time!)has been sick in the back of the car and I mean big time...this was quite some time ago..cleaned up ,and scrubbed out,however the smell still lingers especially on these sunny days.Ihave used bicarb,pet odouruiser the lot..thing is I believe thereare still traces under the passenger seat runners wher it is mounted into the car looking at taking the front passengers seat out to scrub carpet ..What electrics are involved ..think there is an airbag plug in fitting..any special way or things to take into consideration while doing this  thanks
I know the seats unplug, but don't know if/when the airbags would be at risk of detonation. I'd hope that if you disconnect the battery for five minutes then there shouldn't be a way they could go off in your face as there shouldn't be power on any wire.

I think the seats are pretty simple to unbolt.

Have you got a shampooing vacuum cleaner? They actually remove stuff rather than just dilute it. I've got a Vax one, and it has a tiny upholstery nozzle about the size of a fag packet that squirts cleaner and sucks out muck all at the same time. I prefer to get it really wet by holding it away from it while squirting the cleaner out, then suck it all away, repeat a few times.

They're not that expensive and they also have a million uses in the house. We don't use ours regularly, but it's great to have it in the back of the cupboard.
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A passenger's baby was sick on the back seat of my almost new Berlingo some years ago. It was most unpleasant. I think I got the steam cleaner on it multiple times in the end.

Hello noideo welcome along to the forum what you need is some greases lightning or williams stain shifter look on ebay  amazon or one of those shopping channels spray it on leave it for some time then use a cloth to mop it up what it does it eats the protein and odour and clean at the same time leaving the area clean and no spell's Happy day's. Smile
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Years ago we had to frequently deal with similar issues. I'm afraid that there is only one sure way of getting rid of the smell, and that is to change the car! Seriously, you will always get a whiff of it at sometime, imaginary or not.
Failing that, it's a full strip of interior, checking the sound deadening material and seats, even replacing the carpet may not rid the problem as it gets in everywhere. Sorry to be realistic, but if it wasn't dealt with properly in the first place, it will linger, especially on hot days.
A cat managed to get shut in my car a few years ago for 3 days. I ended up having to change the car as it stank after that despite trying so man different chemicals and cleaning stuff on it.

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