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Radio goes off
Hi all I have a 2012 Berlingo 1.6

I recently have a very random thing happening.

When driving along the radio randomly goes off.  Everything else works fine as far as I know.

The first time it happened I thought it was the fuse so replaced it and then it happened again.

I have now noticed a pattern.  I start the van the radio works fine then maybe after 10 mins it goes off until I restart the van/cycle the ignition.

Its not the supply but i think more the ignition cable/line. 

I cant find an ignition circuit diagram to help me work out whats wrong or even a haynes manual for this model so not sure where to start.

Any one experienced this before?

Driving me nuts!
Could this be the van shutting it off to protect the battery ?
Mine does this if I have the radio on for over 10 mins without the engine running., If this happens on yours with the engine running you could have a charging / battery fault or even a bsi gone nuts !


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Hi my partners Berlingo has a similar 'glitch', her cars radio will suddenly stop working,could be after a few minutes,sometimes it works for days without problems. Strangely there's  a certain point in the village she drives past and the radio stops,almost as if some interference is being transmitted,funnily  enough I was with her yesterday  and she said "here's  where the radio stops",sure enough it did.
 There's a difference though with the OP's problem, the display on the dash will revert to just showing date,time and mpg,we have tried operating the steering column stalk and nothing alters to the display. But that isn't all the reversing sensors don't work either when the  radio stops. 
 Now, sometimes turning the ignition off for a few minutes everything is back working,sometimes leaving it overnight it comes back and sometimes it can take two or three days. I've searched  the t'Internet to see if I can find an answer to no avail,the problem is so random as to when it'll happen I haven't taken it anywhere to get it diagnosed,so I'm hoping you guys have encountered anything similar and could advise.
(14-11-2016, 10:15 AM)doofer Wrote:  Could it be as simple as a loose connection - is there a bump around the point where it happens?

I doubt interference is going to make the radio switch off - I don't think there's a means by which this would happen.

Aye doofer, it could well be a loose connection,but there isn't any particular bad bumps where it happened the other day when I was with her. The missus has taken the car onto some heavily pot holed roads to see if she could make the problem happen,nothing,everything  works. Apparently  yesterday the problem was there all day,yet this morning all working again until she was coming home from walking the dogs when it went off.
 I too would doubt if it was exterior interference affecting the car,but it does seem strange that there are two or three different "hotspots" where my missus drives that she can virtually guarantee the problem will occur.

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