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[Filters & Oil] Bought berlingo with way to little oil (SOLVED)
So today I got hold of a 08 berlingo 1.6 hdi 75ps with 120k km on it. I bought it cheap because it needs a new rear axle.

I didn't think to check the oil so I set off on my way home. Half way home I noticed the STOP light blinking briefly while I cornered.

I stopped at a gas station and bought a liter of oil. To my surprise I had to add the full liter before it was at the minimum mark!!

After adding oil the engine is quiet at idle, it had a little tapping before.

The service indicator says 500km left so I know it has been way to long for my liking. But anyway, should it really burn 1.5 liters of oil in one interval?

And should I expect any permanent damage done to the engine? It seems fine now, but I don't know..

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the 1.6hdi's do burn a bit from what i have found but not a lot say 1/2L every 3000 miles. Sound like it hasnt been services for a while and had quite a hard life if the back axle has gone at 120k. I would say first thing to do would be a full service and inspection, fingers crossed.
Rear axle bearings seems to go out around 100k judging from the amount of berlingos for sale with new rear axles.

I think i found the culprit for the missing oil though. The breather pipe connection was loose, and the whole intake all the way from the breather pipe past the intercooler was soaked with oil. I understand there must be a tight connection there. If it's not, the breather valve will stay open and let oil through all the time. At least I HOPE that's where all the oil went.

What worries me most now is that i added almost 3 liters!!!!!! of oil to a engine with 3.7 liters total capacity. I find it amazing that it still worked. But since there was extra noise in the engine I have to assume there has at least been some extra wear done to the insides of it Sad
Lets hope it was not pressure inside the engine blowing the oil out of the breather pipe which can indicate worn pistons and rings.
At least the initial problem seems to be resolved after fixing the breather pipe connection. No more oil in intake and does not seem to use any oil.
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Well thats good news

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