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Knocking noise at front
Hi guys, got an annoying knock at the front overs bumps most noticeable low speed, sounds like n/s/f
Have checked all the obvious no play in drop links ball joints,springs ok,no play top mount. The front plastic under tray part was loose as the captive nuts were all shot, so replaced all the bolts and all tight.
I can see the wishbone bushes are slightly perished but no movement, I have slight play in the rack on n/s but doubt it's that. I beginning to think its loose screen, something loose in the bulkhead?
Anybody had similar issue? 
2009 1.6hdi XTR
You sure it's not the drop link, I've had them make a noise but even though they had no real noticeable play.

Last time I removed the drop link and drove car round the estate over a few bumps, the noise was gone so found the cause  Wink
My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
It could be spring snaped right near the top
Checked the springs they are fine, I did think about taking the drop links off and trying it round the block, so might give that a try.
Probably a bottom arm or the top mounts, from experience I've done both for mysterious knocking noises before! If all else fails you have to take the plunge sometimes and have a guess when all else fails
(07-11-2016, 10:06 PM)Jelevents Wrote:  Checked the springs they are fine, I did think about taking the drop links off and trying it round the block, so might give that a try.

Sometimes you can't see if its snaped ,once mine even past an mot  with broken spring?,when mine snaped it was right at the top,worth another check,jack it up to let a bit of tension of it,
I've had to do 3 drop links in 80000 miles. They're a pretty feeble little item. ( I live in a rural area where roads can be a bit rough). They do give a bit of a clonk on bumps when they've gone, but they're pretty cheap and easy to replace. Just note that the previous model drop links were about 25mm shorter than on the new models (mine is 2009), so be sure to get the right ones.
The other thing to check is the air filter box and intake pipe's are not loose .
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Track rod ends ??? I seem to go through them almost yearly. They are only about €20 a pair and are a 30min job to replace.

Also Fitter in work advised me to check inner track rod end although I have yet to get round to that.
It could be the suspension top strut mounting bearing, I changed a drop link which was worn and it cut down on the knocking but there was a odd knock now and again and a grating noise . The bearing at the top of the strut had broken up and stopping the coil spring from moving when the steering was turned, hence the grating noise. (Spring coils rubbing together). There was no noticeable movement at the  strut top.

Changed the bearing and now nice, quiet and smooth steering.

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