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New owner
Just bought a Citroen Berlingo Multispace 1.6 HDi VTR 5dr which is wheelchair adapted for my dad's mobility scooter.

I have read about the eco mode which is extremely irritating as we usually go down to the beach each afternoon to look out to sea and listen to the radio which is impossible as it turns off after 5 minutes. I can see from the threads however it is impossible to turn this mode off.

The other thing is the silly ashtray is it possible to get an ashtray to fit in the slot below the radio/cd ? My father has difficulty seeing the ashtray and leaning over to put his ash in it. I know we shouldn't smoke but my dad will be 87 next month so it is a long established habit !

I also wonder how you charge the battery due to the cover on it. Can it be charged on the positive terminal and the earth nut ?

Where can we get a central consul storage unit we have the base one.

Many thanks
Hello and welcome.

As far as I know, the only solution to the ECO mode is to buy a portable battery powered radio unfortunately.

I don't think many people make ashtrays any more! Ours is an XTR, and the ash tray is basically a plastic cup with a lid - presumably not the kind of plastic that catches fire. If yours is a different type then you should be able to get an ashtray cup on ebay. You should be able to put it anywhere there's a cup-holder. You can get units that add a couple of cup holders into the space below the stereo. I have seen at least one guide and photos where others have fitted them, so have a search on here. This is an example unit...

To charge the battery you use its exposed + terminal and the terminal that's on the inner panel just to the right of it - look in a straight line from the battery towards the edge of the car and there it is, a round shiny metal lump.

The central unit is very expensive from Citroen - I forget the price, but it's a lot. You should be able to find one by searching ebay for "breaking berlingo" and contacting the seller. Depending on what you have, you may need to change the unit that bolts to the floor to allow it to clip in - I think there are two different shapes.

EDIT: Actually, the central storage box has a cup holder at the front of the top, so this may solve the ashtray cupholder problem too if it's within easy enough reach.
Many thanks. Went to the dealers yesterday and in total, as the base has to be changed, it would cost over £250. Maybe we can make something ourselves that could incorporate an ashtray and proper cup holders. Will have get our brains working !
I'd bet there are loads of them kicking around in scrapyards, just waiting for a call and a £20 note or two.
There is a button on the radio that if you press it the central dash information console goes dark if pressed a couple of times, when I pressed this I got extra radio play from the battery, try this yourself and see if it works.
And yes I think it's the most backward step in car manufacturing that after hundreds of years of making cars that they have now decided that we can't listen to a radio for more than five minutes with the engine off! It's never been known in all the cars I have owned and driven.
Hello SheilaAnn welcome to the forum good to have you and your family with us Smile as already said keep an eye on ebay or scrap yard that sell Citroen part's on the net .
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                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Many thanks for the replies and I will try that button on the radio today.
For the ECO Radio issue perhaps it would be possible to retrofit a genuine Citroen switch into an unused switch hole in the dash and then run a permanent fused live feed to it from the battery and subsequently from there to the radio ?

I'm unsure how the voltage may backfeed elsewhere ( especially with all this computer nonsense on modern cars ) but worth a thought and possibly wait for those more qualified than myself to back the idea.
It would probably permanently ruin something, as there would be some units powered and some not but they'd still be connected.

One possibility is that logic inputs have diodes to the power rail to prevent ESD damage. In normal operation the power rail is always higher voltage than any logic input. If a unit is unpowered but receiving a High input then it may power up due to the voltage on this input, which draws far more current from the unit outputting the signal than it was ever intended to output, frying its output stage.

I'd hope that car electronics are more robust than this - the above is for bare IC chips, but similar unpredictable things could happen. I doubt that anything was ever designed for the possibility of some bits being on but others not.

The only way would be a software hack - either to disable it or to greatly extend the time. I'm assuming there isn't an official way to extend it using Lexia or whatever else.
On an other subject is it necessary to have Alloy wheel embellisher remover to take of the trim ?

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