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New windscreen tomorrow
Anything to look out for - say for example making sure the scuttle panel is fitted back and sealed correctly etc?

Only asking as I had a screen fitted to my focus once and the scuttle panel on that hadn't been sealed. As a result, it let water into the pollen filter and down into the footwell.

Don't want a BSI unit getting buggered if something isn't sealed back properly!

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I had mine done a year or so ago, by National Windscreens. They did a nice tidy job - you can't tell it's had a new one. The one problem is that I forgot to remove my crash cam, so it got pulled off by force which nearly wrecked it. It needed gently prising off as it's stuck with a sticky pad. My fault - I should have removed it as it's not standard.

If you have the athermic coated windscreen as I have then you should insist on a Citroen-branded one, otherwise you could get anything from anywhere. In my case, they rang and said that it wouldn't have a Citroen logo but was made by Citroen's supplier, which is fair enough. It's identical, but missing the double-chevrons.

If it's athermic then it will look grey-blue when it catches the sun. It's most obvious when looking around the rear-view mirror, where there's a patch missing the coating for GPS and smart cards to go - the coating attenuates radio signals, so a bare patch is there for this reason (although my phone GPS works fine through it anyway).

In fact, it might be worth insisting on a Citroen one anyway, coating or not. My previous car was a Fiat, and it had an acoustic windscreen. When I booked it they ignored my request for a Fiat one and turned up with an aftermarket one that was made in Poland. This was standard glass, so was a downgrade for any they fitted, as all of this model were factory-fitted with acoustic glass. I told them to go away and come back with the right one.
Well autoglass are here now - windscreen is identical so thats all good
2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
A question about the windscreen: my 2011 Peugeot Partner tepee has a flaw, or a defect, that I would like to ask if it is common also for you with Pugs and citroens, all B9 models:
In cold weather, like it is now here in Germany, when the car freezes on the outside overnight, something happens on the inside of the windscreen that I dislike, and that I have not noticed in my previous car, in the same weather conditions (a Pug 307sw): there is a lot of water building up on the inside of the windscreeen, that much in fact that after heating the windscreen for a while with the blower, water droplets remain at the interior surface of the winscreen, and even gather in little streams that run down the glass, and only evaporate away after much longer times (20 minutes or more). Now for trying to avoid this I have left the switch which disables air input to the blower from the outside, but still get the same wet windscreen result...Can it be that something is not well and water tight in my windscreen? Do you also experience this wetness in freezing weather?
Luis, mine is the same - i put it down to having wet gear in the back from being out at sea. Also with mine being a Van, condensation is probably more apparent. Ironically, i gave the inside of my screen a good clean on Monday evening to stop this happening only for it to break on Tuesday!

You can by interior mist products that anti fog the screen - you may find that this works or reduces the problem.
2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
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I will look for such products, thanks!
I think the anti-fog products just work by making the tiny mist droplets join together into bigger drops - it's not magic.

The only time we've had major condensation was when the new windscreen had been fitted the day before. I put it down to the solvent from the adhesive evaporating.

We do keep the fan on all the time while driving, and don't use recirculate. Every hire car I've driven has always had the fan speed set to zero. There must be a lot of damp cars about if this is the norm.

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