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berlingo van tyres
My 2007 berlingo van has 175 64 R14 tyres. Can I replace with 185 65 R14 tyres on the same steel wheels?

175 feels too narrow for the weight of the (diesel) engine.
Existing tyres should be ok. Check load index number which is the number after the tyre size on sidewall, ie 175/65R14 82T The 82 is load index number which gives rating of tyre at 475kg so x4= 1900kg total load rating of all 4 tyres. This should be greater than max gross loaded weight of van so your existing tyres will sufficient for van. Most tyres of the size you give are rated at at least 82 or may be higher. I think if non standard tyre size is fitted you need to inform insurance so best to keep things standard.
As an ex van owner the standard 175/65/14 is more than up to the job !!!!

tyres are cheaper which is a bonus but wider multispace type tyres wer much quicker especially on the sides be warned !
(14-11-2016, 10:33 PM)geoff Wrote:  tyres are cheaper which is a bonus but wider multispace type tyres wer much quicker especially on the sides be warned !

You're not wrong there.

Think I might put my winters back on tomorrow and get the tracking done AGAIN! as the summers are looking rather shot now.
14 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
van might be 1900kg but its not equal split across the axles

you can have 82s upfront but the rears need 86

the wearing out of the sidewalls is a sign that its not the right tire.

check the tire plate in the door of the car for info and iirc it says 86 all round

dodgy ground if you ever have a tire related crash (ie blow out)
I've just checked the load rating on my front tyres which are 82, but the rears are still the originals and the load rating is 90 on them, looks like the front tyres are wrong.
checked my m59 berlingo multispace door plate - 84T tires for the car version

my same shape pug partner van says 86T tires.
(16-11-2016, 03:06 PM)Top drive Wrote:  the wearing out of the sidewalls is a sign that its not the right tire.

  Perhaps I could have written it differently ...... 

most certainly not the sidewalls of the tyre more a case of outer tread edge wear ......  I'm no Lewis Hamilton ................
thats just the nature of berlingo rear axles . doesnt matter what tire you have the inner edge of the tire will wear - wheel rotation is about the only way to avoid it . My dads new one did the rear tire inner edges in 15k. My van did the rear inner edges in in 30k with the rest of the tire havign 3mm on. (i know what a banjod axle looks like i have jsut replaced the one on my berlingo)

my van (pug version) came with 82s fitted (second hand) and it was when i noticed the sidewalls were worn/ lightly hatched all round like they were flexing too much) and even with pressure in they looked flat that i did the digging into what the van should have fitted which is why i noticed the above about the 84/86t stuff .
A further amendment ..... must learn to express myself completely ....

Front tyres wear faster with the wider tyres ............................

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