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Fuse is burning all the time..
Hello guys! I have Berlingo 1.6hdi,75hp,2011.low mileage,as a working car,and car was bought with problem that always fuse,i forgot which

number,burns down. It is for headlights adjustment,mirrors,a/c and diagnose socket i think. Air condition is working fine,only small lamp 

above a/c button doesnt work,also for air recirculation. But other things connected to this fuse are also not working..

I have try to take a look on cables on doors,disconnect switches but without luck..Any sudgestion how to resolve problem?

Much obliged!
I would disconnect all the items which are affected when the fuse blows. With lots of fuses handy reconnect them until it blows again.  That will show if a unit is faulty or a wiring short.

 The wiring between  the door/body ( for the mirrors)  get a lot of movement with the door opening and shutting , possibly wires shorting out ?  

A scan with a code reader should give you a clue.  But if the fuse blows for the diagnostic socket then how would you get a reading. ? Exclamation

Hello! Thanx for reply! It is funny situation,because i can enter in diagnostics even if this fuse is burned. It doesnt blow right away,sometimes its good for few minutes,then it blowes.

I have check cables in doors,between car and doors,looks good,also disconnect switches from mirrors,headlights,but again happened.

i think last time was some fault with BSI,not sure what stands for,it was deleted,i need to check again with diagnostic.
Check the bulbs on all lights affected - sometimes the filaments can blow and short to earth
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  • Matija Danko
(17-11-2016, 05:10 PM)polar Wrote:  Check the bulbs on all lights affected - sometimes the filaments can blow and short to earth

Hi there! Okay,this i can check also,all lights are working fine,but you never know. This is happening also with lights off,funny thing,because

its not burning right away,sometimes works fine for few hours,but sometimes just goes right away.
Little shitty update,now its burning right away after i give ignition on,i have noticed that this happenes since i have change left brake light 

bulb,but i doubted that makes some difference.. I have removed also left side panel inside,there are cables for trailor installation,checked 

cables etc.,everything looks clean and tiddy. Is it possible that BSI modul has inside some short circuit connections? Dont know

if somebody knows here on forum this kind of problems,or have some guy who could direct me what i can try..

IT seams some thing live is going to earth check wiring from the light's take one bulb out at a time look at the all the bulb holder's see if there's corrosion also the right bulb's and whats the bulb's are they mite be overloading the fuse .
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Hello Jed. I will try to do this,i didnt check bulb holder,because all lights are working,i have also run Delphi diagnosis,no faults found.

Just one extra question,i want to install also another lighter connector with 12v all the time on,do you have recomendation from which

wire to take live 12v output,without ignition on?

There is a thick white wire running along the N/S sill for trailer / caravan lights you can see it if you open the fuse box in the glove box but the fuse for it is underneath the fuse box in the engine bay you have to lift the fuse box at the front to see it 40 Amps if you already have a tow bar it will be live if not you have to put the fuse in the spare place then i think you have to have it turned on Citroen or some one with a OBD some one put me right if i'm wrong .
The other way is to run a live from the battery with an inline fuse not easy no way through firewall the only place without making a hole if you take the N/S front plastic arch cover off you will see a rubber grommet at the bottom of the wing you can make a round hole in the rubber grommet and feed the wire in through there to the place you need it quite a bit of work if your OK with Diy all's good the choice is your's .
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But i want to have socket front,where is also the original one,not in the back.

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