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[Engine] throttle cable - where to get a good one.
Need a new throttle cable . 

Mines snapped coming off a round about today - at the little plastic nubbin that turns the cable 90 degrees into the pedal hole.

I got mcguyver on its ass and managed to recycle the three zipties that hold the airbox intake to the airbox - as it rattles otherwise.

and used these to fix the cable to the throttle pedal temporarily 

BUT i need a more perminant fix. 

Does anyone other than citroen make a cable with a propper metal end like the citroen one  - the drivetec replcaement i got for the motorfactors was pricy considering how poor it was - 30 quid and lasted 18 months if that and was never really free moving.
last decent one i got was from GSF it was generic and you had different end types to fit yourself but they are good quality. Other than that it is genuine.
[Image: FKA1084-0_e6a11e.jpg] the white barb on the cable end is what snapped off right at the point where its 90 degrees to the cable.....

i just put a cable tie round the cable behind the remains of the barb and then cable tied that cable tie to the accelerator pedal.

Its a DW8 fwiw.
GSF showing no throttle cables at all for my vehicle Sad

found the above on micks garage. - looks the same as what i had.

but i might as well buy from ECP as i can get the same thing today cheaper.

mean while ive picked up some spare cable ties as i have a decent length journey tonight Sad
If you do a search for Bowden Cables Fittings you get a list of sites that supply parts that you can make your own cables to the size/length/ fittings that you want. Just compare the broken plastic fittings to metal ones and it wont break again.
cheers , thats the kind of info we like.
Speedy cable will make you a quality one to pattern if you send the old one
Well euro car parts supplied the same item I had.

I took it all the way to Aviemore and back as insurance from Aberdeen - along with a glovebox full of new zip ties.

I'll be returning the cable to euro car parts.

I used the existing outer. A tandem bicycle gear inner (standard one wasn't long enough) a bolt - 2 washers and 2 nyloks.

Filed a flat on the thread shank just behind the head of bolt and centre punched it

Drilled a 2mm clearance hole for the 1.6mm cable to pass through - counter sunk it 2mm for the head of cable to sit in

Stuck a nyloc on and ran it up to just next to the cable.

Washer on - threaded the cable through the outer and fitted the bolt to the pedal. Second nyloc on and adjusted the nylocs to hold steady and place cable as inline with the bulkhead hole as possible. But ensuring that whole assembly is free to rotate In the pedal or the cable will be continually bending and will snap.

Then fitted up the other end.

Wish I'd done it years ago. Like a new pin. Even last time I replaced the cable it was never drag free despite lubing down the inside of the outer well. The inner was just too thick for the outer.

Test drive reveals the Throttles so light now !

Will post a pic of the set up when at computer

Next job. Glow plugs as now the colds here it's only starting on 3 cylinders Sad I'll trade my cable for a new set of 4 at ecp it's only on 115k so shouldn't be the tappets.

Was in specialist cars today. Lovely pug partner tepee outdoor on a 15 plate for 9k.

Everything perfect except it's metallic brown . I can't get over it looking like a giant metallic poo in the flesh. In the photos it looked ok. In the flesh it's 9k for a reason (nice coloured ones at 10500-10750)

Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
06 pug partner van dw8 106k miles sold 
04 citroen berlingo forte  dw8 125k miles 
15 Pug Partner tepee outdoor 6000 miles 
05 iveco daily LWB campervan
87 Land rover ninety pick up 
electric long tail cargo bike. 
So the pedal goes between the nylocs and washers. 

Simple but effective. Should last much longer than the oem replacement crap stuff

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