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[Engine] Won't start ?
Hi, I have a 1.6 hdi diesel 2010 with about 80k on the clock. Never had any problems until recently.  Van starts 1st time in morning but then cuts out after a few seconds regardless of how much rev you are giving. It then won't start for a good while. I eventually do get it to start and a cloud of black smoke usually emits from the exhaust. Once started the van run with no problems. Any ideas???
Fuel.fuel filter
Are you touching the accelerator before turning the key ? Press the clutch down and keep away from the accelerator pedal, let it start and tick over before touching anything. Also when stopping let it go to tickover for a few seconds before switching off.
So where does this bit go then ?
I had the same issue after a service. Turned out the new fuel filter had been fitted incorrectly, allowing fuel to drain back overnight, so it would start OK the next morning but then cut out a short time later once to fuel still in the filter was used up. Cranking over would eventually get it to start again and it would be fine again until the next morning. A replacement filter sorted the problem.


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