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2.0 hdi oil change miles / effects of old oil
hi blingo lovers/haters  (i'm both, depends on the day!).

i read recently that it's best to change oil every 5 or six thousand miles? crikey, seems a lot of oil changes for a busy driver!

also - my beloved/hated blingo failed on emissions today (i'm in spain) - tester said i should change oil and filters as old oil / dirty engine can cause higher emissions..

is this a good suggestion?

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  • Sootyfoot
Yes ...................
I always service mine before mot
thanks, but.

yes 5-6000 miles or yes to emissions? or both? Wink
yep, change oil and filter every six months
Big Grin nice to be important,more important to be nice Wink
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
Yes for emissions ......

Yes if you do lots of short runs and yes for piece of mind / longevity ................
I get my oil changed every 7000 miles, usually do the filters too. Every 6000 seems a bit much but what do I know.
Plus Italian tune up before emissions test!
My 2.0 creates the blackest, muckiest oil I've ever seen in a car engine. I doubt it's unique to HDi's though and probably happens with most diesels. That muck will affect your emissions via the engine breather, so the advice to change before a test makes sense. The oil change interval for the HDI is either 12500 or (for 'severe' conditions) 10000 miles according to what I've read. For indirect injection diesels (1.9?) it's 10000 / 6000. So, using the most cautious approach, 6000 in the worst case makes sense. For an older engine, I'd suggest no more than the 10000 and probably even a bit less depending on local conditions. An engine flush before the change may be useful, but I have no experience on the advisability of that on a 2.0HDi
If it still fails after an oil and filter change, it may be worth looking to see if the EGR valve is working.
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