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Tent On Wheels
Ive been away for a while ((((hangs head in shame)))). I just found this new section!!!!! Brilliant!!!!
My car (Peugeot Partner Tepee) is my tent on wheels. The only mods that I would like is a leisure battery that charges as I drive, but I'm still undecided as I don't want to say anything to the insurance company who already charge me a fortune for the privilege/liability of parking in the inner city.....
Ive got the back seats permanently taken out. Ive got an array of padding stuff on the floor so its comfortable to stretch out. I don't need to both moving the front seats forward as I'm short. Ive got three sleeping bags, which form a 'modular' system (one fitting inside the other), so I can keep warm in the coldest of Scottish weather.
I put some wind deflectors on the front windows, and have net curtain material lying around in case I need to keep midges out. I haven't had the windows tinted but I got some black screens for all the rear windows, and also have some of that bubble silver stuff for complete black out. I haven't got round to using the bubble wrap stuff for the front screen, as ive made do with throwing a curtain across.
I have the internal roof rails and a host of bungee cords, clips and hooks to hang stuff up to keep it out of the way whilst sleeping/stretching out.

The roof was a big issue for me, as my inclination was to get a rising roof. I decided not to do this for the time being, because of having to tell the insurance company of modifications. Another drawback to a rising roof, would be that I would have to take off my roof bars and roof basket. I'm a regular at Farmer Phils Festival where fires are allowed, so use the roof basket to transport my fire pit, aka wheel hub.
I have a modified tailgate awning which fits underneath the tailgate so that if its raining I don't have to go outside and get wet. I have a side awning, aka cheap groundsheet which I can attach either with magnets, suction cups or tie onto the roof rails (any poles I take travel on the internal roof rails.
I have a 12v espresso maker which is a life saver for me for a quick caffeine hit for when I need to get going. I cant be bothered with cooking, and tend to have a supply of tin stuff, self contained fruit (bananas and avocados because they don't need washing.
My dog is almost 16 now, so our trips out and about are mostly confined to the festivals in the summer. I prefer to sleep in the car, but she prefers to sleep on the grass, so at the festivals I take the external roof tailgate and marry it up to a coleman quick erect tent for her in case it rains.
I'm about to make a back rest for my dog, where the seat would have gone, as she needs added support on account of her age now, and this will also give me use of the boot area again and parcel shelf.
Hello Berl welcome back glad to see your happy with the camper section you know this site like the hotel California you can check out but you can never leave . Smile
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Hi Berl Smile 

I too will occasionally be using mine (05 Peugeot Partner 2.0HDi with "Modutop" roof) as a camper.

What are your black window screens like?     (I wish to get something along those lines).

On mine, the current plan is to fit a 5' x 2'4" ply base along the rear offside (I have the twin rear seats removed, but will leave the single one in place). There will also be a 14" "extra" piece that adds onto the front when the drivers seat is pushed forwards, to give me a 6'4" long bed. That "base" will be about 8" above the floor to allow storage of a fold up "guest" mattress and a quilt etc. It will have easily detachable panels along it's length (using strong magnets) and the whole thing will be covered in that thin stretchy black cord "carpet like" material. This set up means that when not "camping" I still have a nice looking, tidy interior, still  with plenty of storage space for "stuff" I need for my work days. I'll likely make a small "cupboard" to go on the other side, at the rear, to store food and a small canister type gas ring in. Pics to follow, though, for me, at this time of year, non of that is urgent !!

Re leisure battery. If you need any help (online) with that, I do know about such matters, having owned a VW T25 camper for 13 years until very recently. On mine, I think I will opt for the "keep it simple" approach on this vehicle, partly because of the hassle of threading cables through the modern plastic panels and partly because of "our" delicate and fussy electrical systems (BSI unit etc). My plan is to simply plug the leisure battery into the 12V accessory socket by the gear lever. This is only "live" when the engine is running and so forms it's own "split charge" function. I will though fit a current limiter in line as if the leisure battery is somewhat depleted, the high initial current it would draw might exceed the rating of that 12V accessory circuit (research required on it's current rating, for now I'm guessing around 10 Amps?)

I will be fitting a strip of those high brightness LEDs kits you get off ebay (Chinese !!) that have a small remote control to change from white to various colours. The strip will go high up between the 2 Modutop doors facing rear and will be powered from the 12V sockets inside the Modutop "glove boxes" (that you don't have Blush ) Those sockets stay live all the time (and are not connected to the STUPID "eco mode" thing Angry 

Happy camping Cool
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).


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