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new member - berlingo common faults
hi every one.      Smile

im a previous berlingo owner ( 05 2.olt hdi forte ) - now looking to come back into the fold with similar aged 2.0lt hdi desire.

my previous hdi was low miles 52k when sold. so never experianced any problems with it.    can anyone inform me of any general known faults or things to look out for on 04 - 07 2.0lt hdi models as i notice most of that age are for sale with between high 80k+  too 120k type miles on the clock.

which ever berlingo i buy, it will be used as second family car and run around... and the odd camping trip.   so general speaking i wont be doing more than 7k or so a year, mix of town and motorway use.

also i used to have a diesel express tuning box on my old these realy make any difference or are they just a con?

hope you all stay healthy and well...and that you all enjoy a good christmas ( its not that long now...hahahha )
Back axles can be a weak point. It's easily noticeable, stand behind the car and look. If the wheels are splayed as so /-\ then 300 quid needed for an exchange reconditioned axle plus a few hours of lying under it cursing as you skin all your knuckles twice! My 2006 car had to get an axle recently at 130000 miles. Then my one has just this week blown it's head gasket this week. It is still running perfectly it's only symptoms is its losing water and the cooling system is pressurised. Also on the desire the modutop can leak, not really that common but can be a bugger to seal. And that's about it I think. For my ones problems I still love it, when I'm not wanting to set fire to it admittedly

P.S. it's only November. It's not Christmas yet

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2006 Berlingo 2.0hdi desire daily hack
1998 Xantia Activa turbo for fun.
thanks for the reply david...much appreciated.

i have my eye on one berlingo at the mo...with 113k but full history and water pump and timing belt done...only thing the chap mentioned about said berlingo for sale is that the clutch feels a little heavy ( its a dealer and he took it as px )

what he means by this exactly i dont know...but would a heavy clutch be pointing to any possible issues in the near future?
Couldn't answer that. The clutch on my 131k berlingo is heavier than my 134k xantia, but not too heavy and the xantia had a new clutch recently.

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2006 Berlingo 2.0hdi desire daily hack
1998 Xantia Activa turbo for fun.
My clutch is heavy its a 2005 Forte 2.0 HDI and only done 71k. There all different mate if no history of a clutch at that mileage you know it will need one. My brothers lasted 168k on first clutch, 138k on axle Mk1 though 98 R and still going strong 1.9d

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