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Ncb help
Hi guys looking for a bit of advice.  If your license is revoked within first 2 years for 6 points do you lose the no claims bonus you have built up. Also when applying for insuarence do you put the date of your new license or the original license. I wasnt banned at all just revoked.
I would have thought as you have not made a claim your "no claims bonus" would be ok. but your premium would increase and you would be considered a higher risk
This may answer some of your questions:

If revoked within the first 2 years, you will only have one years ncb, you will have to be completely honest when re-applying for insurance, all the details will looked at very carefully in the event of a future claim.
Apparently I have 3 years no claims and I have been honest with my insurer and told them i was revoked at the time but I want to change insurer now. I first passed in July 2013 and was revoked in may 2015. Passed again in June 2015. I have asked for my ncb proof and it says 3 years. I can't find any links that actually explain it as surely I shouldn't of been able to insure a car when I didnt have a license. I'm with footprint who seem a bit useless when I phoned to say I'm revoked the guy said don't worry about it just carry on. Anyone know if the start date of my first or second license counts as that seems to be the biggest factor for price. I wasnt banned for any period.
Look at the dates to and from on your licence and that's the answer. Insurance companies will get a copy of your licence from DVLA in the event of a claim or just normal checks and could invalidate your insurance from inception. You will be totally shafted then as now one will touch you with a barge pole for insurance.
The best thing to do is ask the insurance company they will tell you where you stand better than any of us best of luck let us know how you get on.
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(04-12-2016, 10:32 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  The best thing to do is ask the insurance company they will tell you where you stand better than any of us best of luck let us know how you get on.

do it by email then print a copy of the corespondance.  telepone calls arnt worth tuppence if it comes to an argument about what was disclosed and what the response was.

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