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12v for lighter front
Hello guys!

I want to have extra lighter with live 12v all the time that means,any sudgestions from where to take 12v? 

BSI has some power or it is completely "dead" after "sleep mode"?  Or easiest way from battery,but i didnt see where the cables are entering

in cabin..

Thanks a lot!

Cheers!  Wink
Yes the bsi has a permanent 12v connection, look for a thick cable going to a 2 pin plug that's printed with bmfx (x being a number normally) it's pug speak for battery main feed, hope this helps
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Hi, thats very usefull to know. Any idea what the supply fuse rating is on that line ?

Does anyone know a good route for a chunky cable run to the battery from the dash area ? I have a current B9 Multispace.

Hello! Yes,i have seen one plug connector with two thick cables,but i didnt check if i have there "juice",i will for sure check
on monday,and let it know that everybody knows.

Thank you dumdum!
Not sure how different a B9 is to an earlier M59 like mine, but I am guessing / hoping there is a permanent 12V live feed of reasonable current capacity on the cabin fuse box. Might that be a simpler option for you?
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).

Yes,thats what i am thinking to do,find on BSi some feed with constant 12v,and from there put wire to new lighter that i have prepared.

I have look also on original lighter wiring,wires are really thin for lighter,i think,thats why just to be careful anyway what

you people connecting on this lighter. I think with bigger things like coolbox could make problems on long run.
My BSI is under the hood. I hope to find a good permanent feed in the cabin. This makes routing the wire easier than taking from in the engine compartment.

Agree regarding the wire thickness. This is important. Fit a fuse that is a lower rating than the wire !! Fit this fuse very close to the source of the new power connection.

Please note = A coolbox will draw about 7 or 8 amps of power. This is not too big for most wiring, but it is too much to use it when the engine is not running. It will run the battery flat in just a couple of hours. It is about the same power as leaving your headlights on full. OK whilst driving, but cool boxes take at least an hour or two (or more) before they start to get properly cool.
If I am using one, I chill it overnight at home with some small soda pop bottles filled with frozen water. I then keep it powered when driving, but REMEMBER to unplug it when stopped!!
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).

I totaly agree re thick cable and correct fuse value near the 12 volt source, very important for safety.. Otherwise you could have a fire !
My cool box draws just under 4 Amps ~ 45 Watts and isnt too fussy on voltage variation. The better 12 volt compressor fridges only draw about ~ 1 Amp and switch off if voltage drops. They need a dedicated supply from the battery if possible to get maximum voltage.
I still want a direct feed from my car battery into the cab.
Has i said it's getting it into the cab is the hard bit the thick white wire is already there if you have a tow hitch fitted it will be perm live if not you need to activated it.
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How many accessory points are in the B9 ? In the M59 there was (probably still is) a fuse slot to put the fuse across and make the 12v socket next to the lighter permanently live wasn't there ?
So where does this bit go then ?

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