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2012 enterprise berlingo tonne bag of sand?
Hi all I've got a 2012 L2? normal wheel base enterprise van and today i had a pallet with a bulk bag of bark chipping fork lifted into it fine it weighed about me thinking, would a bulk bag of sand go in, i think they weigh 855kg...i know there are two models of berlingo the heavy lift bigger engine but mines just the 650kg smaller engine. I know a lot of you are going to say dont risk it insurance whatever but would the van theoretically take a bulk bag of sand hypothetically speaking without breaking the shocks? It wouldn't be far on private land and wouldn't be often just a one off say...

Thanks in advance.
I have a 750kg L2, but I set a payload limit of 400kg in my work for safety reasons i.e. braking and handling around bends. the heaviest pallet I ever had in the back was 528kgs, and there was about 15mm between the rear bump stops inside the rear coil springs. Luckily I only had to take the pallet 30 miles, but I hated every minute of it.

Whatever the stated payload of a van, you have to take off your weight, the weight of any passenger, your tools, the weight of a barrow (if you carry one), and any ply lining of course. If you want to risk breaking your van on private land, that is up to you, but the Old Bill and Courts come down VERY heavy on overloading offences on public roads.
It'll be fine and it's very rare to get weighed, I wouldn't drive 200 miles with it in but if your carrying it a few miles it'll be fine, just inflate your tyres to 45-50psi to take the extra load (the max pressure for there given weight will be in the side wall, use that)

Also the shocks don't take any strain, it's the springs that take the load, it will probably sit on its bump stops but should be ok for very short journeys in reality ?
I think a bulk bag of sand must b near a tonne? Even more if its wet
(02-12-2016, 03:48 PM)Johny555 Wrote:  I think a bulk bag of sand must b near a tonne? Even more if its wet

I think you are right.
On private land, all you risk is damage to the van. Completely different kettle of fish on the road.

See here
Minimum weight of a bulk bag of sand is 800 Kg if wet a lot more i'm sure if you go to the right company they will deliver for free don't take the chance damage the van will cost a lot more . Sad
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dumdum said: "It'll be fine and it's very rare to get weighed".

I would suspect that when your rear bumper is virtually dragging along the road, and the tops of your rear tyres have disappeared up into the wheel arches, that being taken to the nearest weighbridge by the first Traffic Cop that happens along, is probably quite a common occurrence.
anyone who drives off road often will tell you to halve the vans carrying capacity when you leave smooth tarmac.

all in all its probable worth paying extra for small bags, collect a sensible van load at a time,  take off the delivery charge for the big bag and theres probably not a lot of financial difference, and you gain the convienience of easily manhandled bags.
(01-12-2016, 07:16 PM)twobob Wrote:  would the van theoretically take a bulk bag of sand hypothetically speaking without breaking the shocks?

Answering the original question, yes it will take the sand, no it won't break the shocks.

(It might break other things and get you in a lot of trouble though Undecided )
I wouldn't put a tonne of sand in it,or even 800 KGS,get it delivered, it will be cheaper than a repair bill for your van,off road with nealy a tonne of sand in the back,asking for trouble,

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