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Repair a manual winder window

My drivers side window needs fixed & with a bit of luck I'd like to fix it myself this week.  For a couple of years now the window would make some complaining creaking noises when wound up & down on hot summer days when the glass was hot.  But last summer it gave up the ghost completely  & now it fails to crank up or down, though the window is still fully closed.

I'm going to get myself one of those fork shaped pry tools to remove the interior trim clips and winder handle, once this is removed my understanding is that there's a thin polystyrene type material adhered to the door which can be removed with a craft knife.  Beyond this stage I'm in the dark... I would be grateful if someone could give me some pointers/info for making the window functional again & whether I need to buy any replacement parts.

Many thanks
Maybe one of these, or similar?

I don't know if the above is suitable for manual or electric or both, but a quick message to the seller will probably confirm.
Thanks cancunia, the second one on your list looks suitable for a manual door.  I have just took the door apart and found that its the little white plastic parts which hold the glass that are broken.  I've found replacement parts here which look right -

Presumably I'll have to take the whole window regulator system out in order to replace these parts?  How tricky are they to replace? 

To be honest you would be better changing the whole mechanism as all the other components will be quite worn and the cables fraying.
Job done.  The components were all in good condition inside the door, so I decided to replace just the broken regulator/roller clips.  These are the white plastic parts that clip onto the glass. I bought them on ebay for 5 quid. Should anyone have a similar problem with a manual winder window, here's a picture of the door components once they were re-assembled.  This is the drivers door.
It's a nice feeling when something works isn't it ? Big Grin Good job on the fix.
So where does this bit go then ?

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