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starting problem
hello all.

my 2.0 hdi 2004/5 has a new problem starting.

it was a bad starter when cold and did not turn over that fast.. i took advice from this forum and fitted a higher power motor which spins much faster.

a new problem has appeared in that when i turn it over, it starts but dies the minute i disengage starter... the only way it wil start is to keep the starter engaged for a few more seconds after firing and then it is ok.. i am aware this is not a good thing for motor or starter ring!

my first idea is a sensor not working correct? maybe a speed sensor that tells the ecu what revs engine is spiinning at? (i know these cars won't allow fuel into engine unless revving above certain speed).

Sounds like air getting into the system somewhere
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(07-12-2016, 03:32 PM)brodfather11 Wrote:  Sounds like air getting into the system somewhere

hi there... i guess you mean into fuel system? i see no bubbles in the fuel pipe, so i guess maybe at imjection pump/injector stage of system?
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Well did u sort the problem out ?? I u a wa similar problem , my 2004 2.0 hdi has a strong starter ad wants to start the engine how ever it takes about 3 long seconds to get started from sitting over night , once it's started and over that first start of the day she starts instantly until the next morning again lol anybody have any ideas
Common thing is the starter motor,
Upgraded starter already fitted .............. from another post ...

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