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Rear hub nut torque setting
Hi all,

I'm in the process of replacing the rear brake drums and have been checking the torque setting for the hub (stub) nut. Citroen specs. state 2,5m.da N. This, I think, means 25 N (2,5 being one tenth). This, does not seem correct. It seems rather insufficient to me. Am I wrong (a very great possibility)? Or, better still, does anyone have the correct torque setting (s) at hand? The figure of 25 N also seems low based on the fact that most torque wrenches for general use only start at around 25/27 N. This means that the wrench would be at its most minimum setting (not advisable) or of no use at all (unless, of course, you have a nice selection of different torque wrenches!).

Any advice (even if it makes me look daft) would be much appreciated. I'm happy to wrong rather than the wheel, literally, coming off!

As always, best regards,

El Berlingo
Hi again,

Just looked at some pictures online and the drum seems to come off without removing hub nut! now! I seem to recall that the hub nut needed to be removed!

Very confused!
The drum is held on with two little locating screws. The hub should not be disturbed unless you are replacing it complete with bearings. The nut is 203 lb ft with separate thrust washer or 185 with integral washer.
So where does this bit go then ?
Hi ffrenchie,

Thanks for the reply. So, no need to touch hub nut then. Fine, so I don't need to worry about the torque settings any more!

Best regards,
New drums then I'd imagine you are fitting new shoes ?? If so then remove / repair one side at side at a time and take a photograph before stripping down as it is easy to forget which bit goes where ....... no prizes for having a good memory !
IHi Geoff,

Correct, and always have the IPhone to record what and where things come from! Learnt the hard way!
However, may need to take her in as I tried for nearly two hours to remove brake drum which just will not budge. I don't have a puller so I'm stuck!
Thanks for input,appreciated.
El Berlingo
Did you get the small screws out that hold the drum to the hub?

Can you not wind back the adjusters through one of the wheel bolt holes?

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
You need a 1.5lb hammer and thrash round the outside of the drum to loosen the shoes grip on the inside. Two screwdrivers will pry the drum over the shoe or get a bigger hammer and smash the drum, if you are fitting new ones they are scrap anyway. Get mediaeval on it man. Big Grin (Wear gloves and glasses while you do this, safety first at all times ) Smile
So where does this bit go then ?
If the drum will turn without the handbrake on (you did release the handbrake?) then it's not the shoes holding the drum at this stage. The drum is probably rusted to the stub axle. As mentioned above, some brute force will break the grip of what's holding the drum to the stub axle. If you hit the front face of the drum around the edges, it should force the drum diagonally. If you're replacing the shoes, some penetrating oil in through the wheel bolts may help.
Another option will be to undo that big nut and take the whole thing off together, if you do that, you can soak both parts from the inside and apply heat.
The garage will probably do the same thing, but with a bigger hammer.
Hi all,

Thanks for advice and replies. Yes, two small screws removed and handbrake off (front wheels chocked). Various sized hammers employed with various screwdrivers and implements. Still no joy. I'm trying to avoid taking off the main hub nut as I seem to have 'lost' (someone borrowed it and failed to return it ) my torque wrench needed to refit. Wife, who is an ex East German wrestler, has also given it some stick but still not budging Wink . I will try again (try the adjusters) and see how it goes....I'm not hopeful!

Just for a change its pouring with rain here (sunny Spain) so holding up proceedings somewhat!

Cheers, El Berlingo

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