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[Engine] 2004 2.0 HDi Coolant Blue or Red ?
Sorry if this has been done to death but I've searched and read various posts and am not entirely sure what's best / recommended for my 2.0Hdi. The handbook didn't say what to use either afaik.

My guess is that you can use Blue or Red antifreeze, although Red is likely to give longer lasting protection. I think that the official Citroen Anti Freeze is coloured blue but it's not the same 'Blue' as you buy from motorfactors in the UK. There's some info here from a C4 forum:

I read somewhere else on here that Citroen changed the recommended AntiFreeze spec somewhere in 2005, maybe that was realization that the new stuff is better.

Anyway, what does everyone use on their 2.0 HDi?

Thoughts, opinions welcome.

Use red in mine,
The colour does not always mean the same with different suppliers.

Citroen use some very expensive antifreeze now that supposedly never needs changing - however when the cambelt and water pump are done it tends to be replaced with cheaper 5 year life stuff.

The 5 year oat free stuff is the one to go for - it is usually red but not always.
Use the same colour as you already have,you don't want to mix colours,i had blue in mine checked with Citroen technician who told me there stuff is same as the coolant you could get ready mixed at Halfords.
After a bit of reading and a visit to my local Dealer, it seems the correct Antifreeze for my 2.0HDi engine is Citroen part 9735.K4 (concentrate) or 9735.K1 (ready mix). This is apparently Glysantin G33 which is a Silicate Free OAT Antifreeze afaik.
As noted in the post above by sks01773, Halfords sell a silicate free OAT antifreeze, so that's probably a good fit replacement. ECP couldn't tell me if there's is silicate free, so that's an unknown.
For the time being, I'm sticking with whatever is in my car at the moment as there's plenty in there and according to the helpful fella at Wilco's it's good down to -23c, the thing that bothered me to start with is it's a clear liquid, so maybe it's vodka!
Thanks for the advice as I will need to do the cam belt and pump on my beast soon as well Smile.

Ans I think I have the Berlingo bug as I bought another one last week as well !!!!

M59 1.9d 94K had a clutch this year and cam belt and water pump last year £550 13month MOT !!! Bargain !!!

Shame my brother now wants it as I was going to keep it and sell my silver one !!!
Put yourself first .......................................

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