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After market radio install 58 plate XTR
Hi guys just after a bit of advice if I may.

I ordered a cheap no frill head unit to get me by until I can afford a fancy touch screen.. issue I am having is I'm not sure what loom to get for the connection at the back of the new head unit, here are a few photos to hopefully help in finding out what loom I need ( at this moment in time I'm not fussed for steering wheel controls )

[Image: 19db2886c181f14467686372681b6953.jpg][Image: 8c9f3fbe4162ba9a043adfcff72422a3.jpg][Image: 099b07ef007ff9102d73bbe10285111d.jpg][Image: 85b9b8db67f4b09326df9a4c6da1a7c7.jpg]

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You need either an ISO plug set (mk2 lingo) or a quad lock set (mk3), and then splice the looms together, as it's a cheap set you won't get a straight plug in wiring loom
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Thanks for the reply, I stumbled upon a guy on ebay that sells the connectors I need. I will attach a pic so if anybody else buys a cheepo it will help... oh and merry Christmas

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[Image: 337045f4026aba5c8cdfd8b15c1b9f9e.jpg]

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Just to add.
The central info display uses the radio head unit to interact with the outside world. I replaced mine with a double din touch screen and then found there was no way of changing the clock and things like that.
In the end I upgraded the speakers and at the same time the audio specialists tried different connectors to the steering wheel controls. They got it working, so now I can set the clock using different combinations of button presses on the steering column controls. Thought I could deal with the clock and other info being constantly wrong but it got me down after a while

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