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Exhaust fumes in cab
Hi, I have a 58 reg Multispace diesel. Lately it has been suffering exhaust fumes in the cab especially stationary, or at slow speeds. I have discovered that if I switch on to recirculating air this stops the problem. Any ideas please ?.

Badger Huh
Injector seal may have failed. Check around the injectors for carbon or sorting or better still run the car whilst looking sometimes you can hear it chuffing and smell it.
(09-01-2017, 11:30 AM)Silverberlingo Wrote:  Injector seal may have failed. Check around the injectors for carbon or sorting or better still run the car whilst looking sometimes you can hear it chuffing and smell it.

Actually...I think it has been chuffing awhile. I will check it tomorrow. Is this a job for a novice ?. Should I change all 4 injector seals ?.

All depends how good you are with the spanners to be honest and if you have the correct tools. You will need to clean where the injector has been leaking to get rid of the carbon etc in order for it to seat properly and have some where suitable to do it. I did mine myself it took around 4 hours including cleaning and I did all 4 but remember to number them and put them where they came from!!
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OK...thanks for that. havn't used my spanners for a few years. Do I need any specialist tools...or just spanners, socket set etc.?.

I haven't done them on a berlingo but I didn't need anything specific that I didn't buy in order to do the job. The biggest problem was removing one of the injectors as the carbon build up had sealed it in . I ended up using a bit of wonder wheel to clean it up and be careful not to drop anything down the hole once removed. I put a rag in to catch where I cleaned it.
I'm having mine done tomorrow at garage

Also suffering from coolant loss, a few pints in a week and smell of cool and under bonnet and in cab also windows misting up any ideas ?
Hello Ash it would be beneficial for you to start a new topic detailing your issues as you'll get a better response.

As Geoff suggests you should start a new thread for a new topic .

But as your here check that your heater matrix is not leaking , misting of windscreen and coolant smell in cab is a sure sign that it is. .
Don't reply to this as it will clutter up the thread more, just do a search for heater matrix ,it will give you more info.

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