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Gearbox Fluid
Hi Guys

What's the service interval for the gearbox fluid change on the 2015 1.6 hdi berlingo van.

I've just made enquiry about this at a local dealer when booking an annual service and he reckons it's sealed unit which the fluid will last a life time, now I've heard this on a auto transmission but not a manual.
So is he talking loads of rubbish?

Yep sounds just like a Citroen main dealer to me!

However what he should've said there is Citroen do not specified service interval for the gearbox, but it can be drained and replaced if you wish.

The gearbox has a drain and level plug just like old style manual gearboxes.
I change mine @ 10,000 & every 20,000 after, using full synthetic oil.It's a tad under 2 litres.
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What oil and grade would you recommend, id just buy the oil myself and get them to change it.

Just do it when you do the clutch, gear oil is thick and very heavy grade oil! Changing it too often can actually cause issues, especially on auto boxes, some autos are actually effectively ruined by a fluid change in the case of... for example... the old ford autos from transits, the particles in the auto fluid actually helps the slip rings work nicely, change it equalled death for two I've come across!

Defo 60-80k easily! The dealer are correct but even dealers will renew fluid at clutch swap
Your dealer is talking bollox. I change mine every 30,000 miles. The gearbox drain plug is the hexagonal plug underneath the gearbox housing which is slightly angled towards the front of the van, and it is same size as a spark plug spanner (21mm I think), which is what I use to remove it.

The filler/level plug is on the kerb side gearbox end plate, and is the larger of the various bolt heads visible there. Access to it is improved if you remove the nearside road wheel first. As the name implies, you fill until the oil comes out of the filler/level hole. The oil required is 75-85 SAE gear oil, about 2 litres.
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Thanks everyone will buy the oil myself and get them to change it.
Just to confirm do i need 75w/80 or 75/85?
From memory I'd say 75w/80 SAE gear oil. Neither will damage your gearbox as they are very viscous oils.

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