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Dear All, As a plasterer and being part of Facebook forums it is clear that loads of vans are getting broken into at the minute.

Bearing in mind the berlingo security is weak at the best of times, what have you guys done to secure your vans?

Currently I have security guards over the rear glass windows and a large lock half way up the back doors.

Was thinking about maybe investing in a 'clutch claw'? These bolt together your clutch and brake pedal so nobody can steal your van.

Loads of vans are getting done over by having their roofs cuts open. Was thinking about maybe securing say a 25mm piece of ply to the underside of my roof in the rear aswell?

Any opinions would be welcome. I don't live in the best of areas and can see it being only a matter of time before my van, tools and livelihood disappear and leave me in a mess.

I know plastering tools don't necessary cost a lot but all of them collectively still add up to about £1000 and i'd be buggered without them!

Cheers Rich
Get some Cobra alarm stickers off ebay probably just as good as anything. Mind you did not stop them having ago at my Relay van because it was left in a remote area.

Main thing is anything you can do that is a visual deterrent and leave it in a place that is open and well lit. Probably best on a well lit busy road.

It is a really difficult one because if they want your stuff hard enough they will have it so best to take out what you can - i know its a pain but i leave mine with next to nothing in and the rear windows clear so they can see there is nothing in worth the trouble.
The only deterrent is an empty van and even then some scrotes will break in just for the fun of it.
An ex neighbour of mine from when I used to live just outside of Winchester had his visibly empty van broken into and when questioned as to why the culprit told the magistrate he was just " keeping his hand in " for when there was something worth having !!!

A friend had his land Rover protected with all sorts of gadgets, alarms, CCTV etc and yet it was stolen with a Hiab Truck.
At the end off the day,if they want to get in they will,,but can't see many wanting to take plastering gear,?,
(13-01-2017, 03:41 PM)Johny555 Wrote:  ..... but can't see many wanting to take plastering gear,?,

How much is a Marshalltown float these days £40 to £50 or more ??

How much is a Marshalltown trowel these days £40 to £50 or more ??

How much is a Marshalltown hawk these days £25 to £35 or more ??

You'd get a good piss up and or some decent " gear " flogging the above ^^^

Bloke I know nicked a car for a pack of fags !!
keep eyes open on fleabay and aquire a second set of basic used tools and keep them elsewhwere, so if you do get done you can still work

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