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Type B MFD & Trip Computer
There are other threads on this subject which I've linked below but thought I'd add a fresh update to the subject and tried to bring a few of the links together in one place.
I have an '04 2.0 HDi which came with a basic Type A single line display and no Trip Computer or cruise control.
I bought a Type B MFD originally fitted to a C5 which fits & works fine for the basic functions that you get on the Type A, albeit green rather than orange. I also bought a Com2000 wiper & light stalk assembly from a 2002 Pug 207 with the intention of swapping the end of the wiper stalk which has the magic Trip Computer button.

Unfortunately the end of the wiper stalk is slightly different than the one in the video, it has a ribbon cable going down the stalk from the switch on the end, however the button with the  spring & prong for the trip functions does pop out of the end of the stalk and does fit into my stalk. The buttons come out easily enough if gently encouraged with a small screwdriver.

So, now for the interesting bit... I swapped the buttons, turned the key and my Trip Computer starts to work when I press the buttons, no Lexia intervention to change the Display Type or add Trip Computer, it just started working! Not sure if it's accurate yet or if it will last, but will report back on that as needed.

Here's the Links, many thanks to the people that contributed to them.

MFD & Trip Computer:

Wiper Switch / Button

Here's the Pug Video which is also linked in one of the threads above:

The Com2000 assembly is now surplus to requirements as is the Cruise Control stalk that it came with so will post them in the for sale section, if you read this bit and are interested, please PM me for details.
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Thanks for Info.

Did you change com2000 ? Or just fitted MFD and stalk buttons ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
(16-01-2017, 08:25 AM)brajomobil Wrote:  Thanks for Info.

Did you change com2000 ? Or just fitted MFD and stalk buttons ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

No changes, other than the (Green ex C8) MFD & the button at the end of the wiper stalk. I had already added Cruise Control a few weeks ago, but don't think we made any other changes at the time. I read about this happening to someone else, I think that was on a on a Pug IIRC.
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I bought an Orange Type B MFD last week and it arrived this morning. Unlike the Green MFD I bought before it did not ask about KM/Miles or Litre/Gallons when I powered it on the bench.
My guess is that the Trip Computer is enabled within the MFD and so if you buy an MFD which was in a car with the Trip Computer enabled, it stays enabled when being put into another car. Or maybe it's just a quirk of the Green C5 / C8 MFD's.
I'm fairly happy with the Green MFD and even more happy that I didn't need to use Lexia to get it working so won't be fitting the Orange MFD for a while yet. I bought the Orange MFD to match the colour of the other instruments but have never used Lexia and don't want to break anything while the weather is cold!
Type B Multi Function Displays are becoming a bit easier to obtain. I just bought one on eBay to replace mine which had a damaged internal ribbon cable - damaged by repeated flexing while experimenting with LED lights. I gave up on the LED lights. The strip version is too bulky and the replacement bulb version produced very bright spots, and not much light at the sides of the spots, on the screen. So I will be sticking to the tungsten bulbs.

This was the eBay item

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