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Hiya all.. I went to get the tracking done and the steering is worse, I asked for it to be checked again and I was shown the gauge showing spot on but I noticed the nearside rear is toeing in but the offside rear is inline with the front wheel.
 Question. can the rear axcel be realigned ?
Blue 1.9D van 2005 DW8B non turbo..
Silver 1.9D Mutispace desire 2004 DW8B non Turbo..
White 1.9D Van 2005 DW8B non turbo..
Sounds like the rear axle trailing arm bushes may be worn on the N/S lots of threads about on this one. You Tube also has some info too, the rear axle is generic to Citroen / Peugeot with lost of vehicles having the same torsion bar suspension.
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300 quid for a new axle

and a half day to fit it unless its siezed.

Needs a LOOOONG t50 75mm plus with OD less than 9mm OD - id buy this first and check the 4 bolts to the chassis are not corroded in place.

Mines was a 54 plate and it came out without a fight.

see that thread for details.

i think i used IMaxles in the end , service was good.
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Thanks for your responses.
 I have looked around and a refurbished rear axle for £270 posted or a new patern part for £300 from IM axles seems like a bargain. The change doesn't seem too difficult either. I am in a quandary now as the van has done 164k miles should I bother.. Anyway I have to change the front pads at the weekend so I will check the axle then.
 I liked the idea of a grease nipple, has anyone fitted one to the rear axle bush either side ? I should think it is a take the axle apart job to fit a grease nipples..
Blue 1.9D van 2005 DW8B non turbo..
Silver 1.9D Mutispace desire 2004 DW8B non Turbo..
White 1.9D Van 2005 DW8B non turbo..
I had the opportunity to check the rear axle without a load and the wheels are straight so it would seem the N/S bearing is shot as you say..
 Thanks for your help, I will have to decide weather to replace the axle or not because of the mileage...
Blue 1.9D van 2005 DW8B non turbo..
Silver 1.9D Mutispace desire 2004 DW8B non Turbo..
White 1.9D Van 2005 DW8B non turbo..
There is a thread on here somewhere from a member that did put grease nipples in the rear axle with accompanying pictures. Try a search to find it.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t
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I replaced a rear axle on a friend van about 3 years ago simple easy job if your handy around a spanner. The main problem I had was a rotten brake line no Biggie's really made up a new line flared each end and jobs a goodun.
You have to ask yourself the question where do you draw the line is it a good motor and worth repairing.

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