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Tyre Change...old on front new on back
This is not on a Bingo but my daughters little Nissan Pixo.

I bought a set of 4 new tyres approximately 2-2.5 years ago. Not sure of the mileage 20-30k est. Pirelli P1's.

I've been keeping an eye on her front tyres the last couple of months and told her to get two new one's.  Booked in all sorted.

She turned up at a well known tyre fitting company, they proceed to remove the front tyres, put the partly worn rears on the front and the brand new on the back.  They told her that's the correct way.

Unless I've done it wrong all these years but I thought always the best tyres on the front.  They do the most braking and all of the steering.

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome.
New on the rear is the way I've always done it / was taught

edit : I understand this applies to both front and rear wheel drive
Always put better/newer tyres on the front.
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(19-01-2017, 09:20 PM)malgpz900 Wrote:  Always put better/newer tyres on the front.

ive always put best on front for road use,  front does all the steering , all the drive on a frontwheel drive car  and most of the braking is done on the front wheels.  also on a lightly loaded car  ie carrying one or two people most of the weight is on the front axle.   ive always found loss of grip on the rear more easily controllable than loss of grip on the front.

only exception is my rwd transit that i take onto wet grass.... chunky mud and snow tyres on rear whatever on front.

all the eggspurts now say best tyres on rear but i cant recall one  saying why.
Have a Google --- all the advice is new on rear ...too much to type it all out just take a look
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Well, you're never too old to learn - every day is a school day even for a spritely 21 year old ;-)

Having read various forums and articles for the last 15-20 minutes - I stand corrected.  New tyres on the rear :-)

Thanks to all for the replies.
goes on the rear as understeers easier to correct than over steer.

as well as its good to move the rears to the front to wear them down otherwise you will find that they are perished of old age and thus you didnt even get your moneys worth out of them.
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New on the rear. You need the best grip on the back.
There are some good videos on you tube showing the effects of new tyres on the front versus back .....
(20-01-2017, 10:03 AM)geoff Wrote:  There are some good videos on you tube showing the effects of new tyres on the front versus back .....

After 21K miles,  all four tyres were worn about the same on my 2014 VTR diesel auto as I think the Citroen dealership swapped them around when doing the annual services.  They weren't near the legal limt, but I've always preferred to be more safe than sorry.

A couple of weeks ago I replaced them all with the new Michelin Cross Climate and had the alignment corrected at the same time. The original fitted tyres, Michelin Energy Savers, were very good and I'm hoping these new-fangled ones will work just as well.  If they don't I'll tell the forum about it.

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