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Insurance cost
Hi to everyone, just joined forum as am thinking of getting a berlingo/partner as i am a self employed sparky and would be ideal size.

I have been researching other vans , VW caddy,Vito,Vivario, connect, but regarding running costs MPG, £130 tax etc it came out on top.

Then i got an insurance quote and its £140 dearer than a caddy, which is like £15k new, connect £30 cheaper, but more bizarre Vivario huge van and 2 litre engine and a lot more expensive £50 cheaper!

Merc is only £7 more to insure - again proper size  van and 2.2 engine i think.

Do other people find them dearer than other models to insure?

And, i cannot work out why as caddy is a lot more expensive and being VW will hold its value better yet a considerable margin cheaper?

Or is it just typical insurance shaft?

Honestly thought it would be the cheapest of all the vans i looked at.

Not tight i might add! , but insurance is the biggest scam next to Banking , so loathe to pay a pound more than i have to,  them blood suckers!!

Might add, i have tried LOTS of companies, and all basically the same.
I'm going to guess here. There will be far more Berlingo vans on the road than the other models you mention. So the computer will tell the insurance companies that there are more claims on Berlingo vans than the others but will not take into account the numbers on the road. You are right it's a scam.
(19-01-2017, 05:33 PM)jonny705 Wrote:  ....... i am a self employed sparky .....

How do you insure your vehicle ?

Out of interest a couple of years ago I was peeved with private insurance quote on my Berlingo van so got a quote for business insurance and it came out as around 20% cheaper ... was a few years back but worth a look maybe ?
Thanks for replies Smile

Have tried every way to insure personal business, duel car policy's there all the same TBH.
Maybe they do work on the principle there are loads of them about so more accidents overall hence they end up with a higher risk .

Same principle of your no claims bonus doesn't really matter after 6 years-you don't get any tangible discount, Yet it will cost me £70 to protect my 10 years NCB and £30 to protect my 6 years!

Just lottery of made up statistics I think-today I got a quote for my 89 16v mk2 GOLF  £140!
Yet same company my 89 land rover 110 diesel  £600!

But have just found out as I forgot,  my Sisters Husband is a salesman for a Peugeot dealer, so recons he will be able to get a nice van Smile for me at trade price so bonus offsets higher insurance cost, plus still £130 road tax vs. £180 caddy and £270 larger vans.

I know I have old golf above, but modern VW are vastly overrated and overpriced IMO so didn't really want a caddy anywaySmile

So hopefully nice 2013-ish low mileage FSH berlingo/parntner might be soon coming my way, then save up for re-map maybe and justify insurance cost  Smile

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