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Fuel rail pipe replacement
2009 1.6 HDI 75

For some ungodly reason one of the metal injector supply pipes that go from the fuel rail to the injector has sprung a pinhole leak, diesel everywhere.

Question 1, will europarts or GSF etc sell them or is it a second hand ebay jobbie and question 2, how hard are they to get to, the common rail manifold is right at the back of the engine, can you get to it from underneath, looks a sod of a job.

Actually I've just had a thought, I fitted a cheapo power chip to the fuel rail and remember what a sod it was to get to the plug on it, is it possible it has increased the pressure too much and split the pipe? if so its coming off, doesn't seem to do much anyway.
I have never replaced one but due to the high pressure you are not supposed to reuse them so i would go for new.
(19-01-2017, 07:46 PM)polar Wrote:  I have never replaced one but due to the high pressure you are not supposed to reuse them so i would go for new.

I know ideally but we need the van back on the road ASAP. Whether a main dealer would have a single pipe in stock I dont know but there are plenty on Ebay and one is only a few miles from me.

I did replace a copper washer on an injector in a Ford 1.6 TDCI engine, which is basically the same unit and just coupled the pipe back to the injector afterwards and it was fine. This will be a different pipe from a different engine coupling to a different injector though, not sure what might happen.

I dont mind having a go at it, however my concern is how accessible the rail is at the back.
Think we have fixed this now, after a false start. Found a common rail with the sensor and the 4 pipes on it on ebay for £10 which looked nearly new, about 10 miles away, which I thought was brilliant. Looking on ebay some had 4 pipes on the top and the 5th to the diesel pump was underneath and others had all 5 pipes on the top. Checked mine and all 5 were on top so I got the one above. Got it home, stripped everything down and the pipes I bought were too short, about half as long as they needed to be, everything else looked identical though.

Anyway, rang the Citroen dealer and they had the pipes in stock luckily enough, even closer to go and get them than the second hand one above. They come as a pair and are £31 inc VAT which I thought was quite reasonable as far as main dealers go, so changed both of them and everything is hunky dory.

Whilst everything was stripped down we blanked off the EGR valve as well, had the blank plate in the shed for ages so it was the ideal time to do it.

The only down side is the filling pipe for the brake master cylinder got damaged, but as I think this is just an extension to top up the fluid as its tucked away under the bulkhead, I just sealed the hole in it for now.
Well done Peter good result - i also find main dealer prices not too bad for Citroen stuff.

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