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Mesh Bulkhead
Hi I have a 2009 XTR which I have converted for my dog walking business and have fitted 4 crates in the rear and have fitted a false floor over the rear seat foot well area to create a space for larger/crate nervous dogs.
This area in front of the crates is fine and I have secure floor fixing to attach dogs to but have recently taken on a Rhodesian Ridgeback and even sitting he can still encroach into the cab area. 
So I would like to fit a mesh bulkhead 1 to keep him out of my area 2 will make it more secure in an accident, he weighs over 9 stone. I have seen some for sale but they are £180.00 ish too high for me, is there an alternative and are the 3 plastic blanking plugs in the roof lining where they affix to?
I have attached a couple of pics one of the space and one of the dog, thanks in advance.

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(23-01-2017, 01:55 PM)doofer Wrote:  It looks like you're doing a great job of converting your Multispace into a van!

You could always buy a van and fit windows into the side doors.

I've had similar thoughts actually, as my Multispace works as a van part-time - carrying boxes of stuff, not dogs though.

I doubt that there's such a thing as a cheap bulkhead, as they're designed to be strong enough to hold back a full 700kg load from tipping over the driver's head if you have a head-on crash.

I also think that the seats go back further in ours than they do in a van.  I know van drivers tend to modify the bulkhead so that they can get a bit more legroom, but even then it's probably not as roomy as the front of a Multispace.  It looks like your drivers' seat is pretty much right back, so there's probably not much room.

I guess you could DIY something with a fabric net if that was strong enough?
Thanks I did not want a van so designed the crates to be easy to remove and refit the seats, a net would not be strong enough but I may design something out of wood slats

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