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Taking along time to heat up/warm the cabin
My 2010 XTR takes an age to warm up and even when the engine temp is upto speed and even then I have to run the fan on 3/4 speed to feel some heat.

Is this a matrix or thermostat issue or just a quirk?
Normal. My 2008 was the same. Large cabin space, lots of glass, efficient engine and cold outside at the moment.
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Block rad off a bit,bit of card board or ply,had the same with my old combo van,got a lot warmer quicker
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If blocking the rad off works your thermostat is getting lazy - new stat needed.
I put 2 in ,never made any difference, that's why I blocked rad off a bit in the winter,all coolant was checked,everything,so blocked rad off a bit,worked for me for the 6 years I had it
I can't understand how blocking part of the rad off can help with getting heat through sooner from a cold start as the rad is bypassed (or should be) until the thermostat opens   Huh

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Because rad gets hotter quicker,hence car gets warmer quicker
It is quite normal the cabin is volumous, and the heater matrix/fan comes from the peugeot 307, smaller...

For getting things hotter a bit quicker, I normally stop the inflow of outside air for a bit, and if you have automatic climate control, then turning off the A/C also helps a lot...and just a reminder: the slower the air passes through the internal radiator, the warmer it fan position 2 instead of 3 or 4 gets you warmer air quicker...
Also important to make sure the pollen filter is changed often, if it's blocked you get no heat. Also make sure the lid is on the filter compartment correctly.
We've had a few where the lid has fallen off .
Where do I find the air filter? I'll have a look. Last serviced Dec2015.

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