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1.6HDi - Cuts out on right hand bends!
I have a 2007 1.6HDi multispace and it has started cutting the engine and appearing to reboot when cornering hard. If I go round a roundabout at a reasonable pace then it will cutout and instantly restart.

If I go round a roundabout such as a large motorway island with a little bit more enthusiasm and speed the engine will completely die and it takes about a minute before it will let me restart the engine.

I also have anti pollution fault warning coming up when I start the car.

The power steering is now failing and the mpg is down to around 30mpg when I used to get 51mpg all day long.

I can not get the car to cut out on a sharp left hand bend no matter how hard I try.

I also get fault codes for overboost and MAF sensor faults. I replaced the MAF sensor.

I feel the antipollution and the cutting out may not be related, I have no idea what is causing this.
For over boost check waste gate pipe for good vacuum.
Vacuum Y split is known to get clogged.

Did you get MAF aftermarket or OEM ?

Antipollution fault on year 2007 1.6 hdi?! 
Do you have FAP ?
Do you have CruiseControl?

For right cornering and cutting out really don't have a clue.

Best regards,
I think I may have solved the cutting out problem. Time will tell. I found that one of the pipes on the fuel filter had not been pushed all the way home. I pushed it in and it clicked so maybe it was letting a little air in when cornering. It does seem to tie up with harder cornering = harder starting as it would have been taking in more air.

What is FAP? I don't have cruise control, I wish!

The waste gate pipe is very loose on the metal connection to the turbo so maybe it is leaking here too. I will check.

I bought a new aftermarket MAF a few weeks ago, but also had the anti pollution error message before I replaced it.

I got two codes logged yesterday when the anti pollution warning came back. MAF sensor intermittent and P1351 I think is related to the glow plugs, but most people report this as not really a problem if the car is still starting ok.

thanks for your time to help!

 P1351 means one of yours glow plugs is bad you can replace it.

Still that "anipolution fault" is puzzling for me. Like you have DPF ?!

Can you read or take picture from your engine ECU? It would be nice to have
serial numbers and firmware version from ECU

The only way you can check if your MAF is working properly is by oscilloscope.
Second best solution is to replace and see if there is difference. Unplugging MAF
can't tell you 100% if MAF is bad. You can search forum for explanations.
Non OEM MAF is hit and miss. Sometime they work ok , sometimes not.

Best regards,

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