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big starting problem
Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help with this problem.

 I recently purchased an 04 2.0 HDI Multispace Desire. Although it's been generally been starting ok to and from work, 3 times now, after getting home and going back out to start it up again this happens:

remote does not open lock,

I open the door manually turn ignition key to first position,

headlights come on,

all? warning lights come on including "stop",

engine willl turn over but will not start.

The fault seems to clear if I leave the car overnight. (It has so far. Tonight I have had to leave the car a mile down the road and carry my shopping back, hope it starts tomorrow!)

I've had a search of the forum but can't find anything quite like this.

All the fluid levels seem ok so I am stuck for ideas now. Sad

Probably fuel pressure sensor.
See this thread:

Also if you can connect car to some sort of OBD diagnostic it would be great.

Best regards,
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Oh thanks brajomobil, I'm just going down the road to try starting her up, then I'll have a look at that thread.

Just one thing though, I got a little confused regarding which OBD reader would be suitable for this one, I gather its not the full monty. Any recommendations?

You could try resetting the BSI and check that it's dry? There should be plenty of info on both items via a search on here.

Your 2004 2.0HDi will almost certainly be OBD-2 compliant. It's on the borderline as the implementation deadline was late 2003 for Diesel cars but my '04 2.0 seems to work ok. You can get a cheap tester from fleabay for under a fiver. Look for one with version 1.5 firmware as the later ones are apparently not so good.

I bought a blue one like this, but there are plenty of others and various opinions about how well & how long they work:

Citroen OBD standards:
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Thank you for the great info, plenty to get stuck into there. Smile 

Just drove back home, she started straight away as if nothing had happened, not even a warning light stayed on ????

Check your battery terminals
Latest on this. sent for a reader, coming soon.

Did a BSI reset - never heard of this before and it seened like a magic ritual......well, so far, so good. Hoping I don't have to go down the fuel pressure route to sort this one.  

Another subject but,  I've been working on the woodwork for the day camper stuff today. just had to chop the side boxes by 20mm as I hadn't taken the slope of the rear seats into consideration enough. Tailgate wouldn't shut. Grrr......

Hi all, more news on this one:

After the BSI reset all seemed ok untill last night. Got stranded at work- same problem. Had to get towed home. Sad

This morning, charged the battery right up (battery connections are ok), but she wouldn't start. I've now removed the BSI unit to check for damp.

Externally there were a few drops of water by the 3 large plug sockets but it was tipping down with rain last night so it may be from then as I had the bonnet open.

Not sure if I should open the box to check inside, there is a metal plate under the alloy body which is crimped on. presumably there is a seal between. Would it be ok to delve in thus breaking the seal? Its a Seimens unit.

If I can get to see there is no dampness I'll carry on with the advise given and check for fault codes when my reader arrives.

I'm sort of hoping it's the fuel pressure sensor and not the BSI unit thats faulty.

Isn't bsi under the dash driver side? Are you sure its not the ecu your playing with?
(01-02-2017, 01:57 PM)Johny555 Wrote:  Isn't bsi under the dash driver side? Are you sure its not the ecu your playing with?

Yes, the ECU is under the bonnet & the BSI is down to the right of the steering wheel. It's where the OBD conector is too.

I've no idea how to get the BSI out but I'm sure there are a few posts on it. Apparently there's a known problem with water getting in when the drain around the bonnet edge gets bunged up.

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