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Headlights/Heater/Horn/Washers, basically everything is broken.
Hi all, I have got a little issue with my work van and wondered if anyone here has any experience with the body control systems on these little french fancies, the vehicle in question is a 53 plate citroen berlingo.

This is the list of symptoms...

Dipped headlights come on as soon as the ignition is on, and stay on for about 2 minutes after you remove the key and park up
Main beam headlights do not work
Heater blower does not work
Window washers do not work
Horn does not work
Indicators sometimes work
Wipers sporadically go onto intermittent mode even with the stalk set to the off position, but do work as they should when switched on.

I have attempted a BSI reset, and also disconnecting and reconnecting the connections under the seats, i also gave them a dose of electrical contact cleaner while the connectors were apart, which didn't change anything.

I read about a possible weak point in the form of corroded wiring between the BSI and the BSM, and after inspection all looked to be fine.

However, I am still intrigued by the latter point, but i am in need of a little more detail about this if anyone happens to know...

The wires mentioned are the red and white ones that are wound together and come out of the top left hand side of the engine bay fuse box (Connector position pictured and circled) and are said to go to the other fuse box in the drivers footwell / under dash area, (position also pictured) however, there are three sets of wound together red/white wires that go into that box, 2 that go into a white connector, which i dont think it is, because the red wire on these 2 sets is a different shade of red to the one under the bonnet.

The final set go into a black connector, the connector itself then unclips into 2 sections, there's a brown plug and a green plug.

I cant remember which half is which colour wise now as ive put it all back together again in order to drive home, but these wires go into whichever half of the connector that has loads of other wires in.

Then i spotted that the other half of the connector only has 2 wires in despite it being a probably 20 position plug, and although these are not wound together these are one red and one white, the exact same as in the engine bay.

What i want to do is do a continuity test to determine if this red and white pair of wires are OK or not, but to stand any chance of being able to do this i need to know for sure which wires are which where they come out in the footwell, in essence where the other end is,  logic would dictate that it should be the identical twinned pair that go into the half of the plug with multiple wires, but then again the dedicated plug with the same colours but not twisted is also a likely candidate too as its independent from any other wires.

If anyone happens to know any more in depth about these then i would be greatly appreciated of any help or advice available.

Many thanks in advance Smile

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