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Unkind comments about the Multispace
Things I've heard said:

Only for people over 70.
Blue Badge Berlingo.
Next vehicle will require a bus pass.

Jealous I think!
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Yeh, I've heard them too. I'm no spring chicken but I'm not quite ready for the scrapheap just yet. I'm over the moon with mine, loads of room and very practical, very nearly the best car I've had, possibly only beaten by an Audi estate I had years ago !
Let them moan, sticks and stones and all that, I'm sticking with mine.
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(27-01-2017, 04:34 PM)Solent Wrote:  Things I've heard said:

Only for people over 70.
Blue Badge Berlingo.
Next vehicle will require a bus pass.

Jealous I think!

Big Grin

Ive heard much worse and about Berlingo van drivers = could not afford a real van! 

The Multispace is a cracking tool who would want more - its no sports car but if thats what you want
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I feel really sorry for the people who have spent a fortune on their cars and are stuck behind me..............not.
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Look at what they drive. Humdrum shopping cars with minimal usable spacd.
I didn't buy mine to impress.My son used to call it Postman Pats' car 'till I took him & 2 bikes to the Pyrenees & back.Now he appreciates what a versatile wagon it  is.I gave it to him last year when I bought my new one & my granddaughter loves the high seating & thinks the sliding doors are cool.Whatever that means. Big Grin
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
I just tell them a car is no different from any other household appliance. Choose it like you choose your washing machine or vacuum cleaner.
I have one because I like it. I'm 43. I've had it six years. It's the best vehicle I've ever owned.

I've had stuff like 270bhp Imprezas, Saab 900 T16 turbos, Honda Civic Type-R.. 207, many Xantia and XMs... and a whole host of other motors - over 100..

The Berlingo is the one that I've kept the longest. Its fantastic. Its an 04 plate Multispace HDi Desire with slightly larger tyres on and a 123bhp remap. I've done 80k miles in it so far..

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I got my first Berlingp because Jeremy Clarkson said in Top Gear around 2002 that it was a reliable roomy car. I liked it so much I replaced it with another in 2012. I have not been disappointed.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I have 2016 bluehdi berlingo xtr with s&s ,6 gearbox and 120hp ,modutop ,nabi etc

Now is 17k km time for Some brutal comments

- above 130km/h loud like old 1.6 diesel golf from early 90

- in summer too hot (stupid modutop) in winter to cold(stupid modutop , cheap automatic ac)

- gearbox disaster .. precision comperable only to my grandfathers massey ferguson

-from engine (injectors i guess) ticking clicking when accelerate etc
Above 3000 rpm during hard acceleration overboost sounds like engine going out of engine bay
- constant tyre pressure monitoring system fault - No solution from dealers
- ac compressor started rattle ,new after change started the same after 2k km ...junk

- Rear absorber started Leaking after 12k km

- front light bulbs stoped working during my long trip without any Dashboard info (wtf???).

- official Service Says always "This is normal for that type of car " which make me crazy

Not sure how long i will last with that stupid car ..
We (in my country) say - dont buy french cars ... now i know why

All above is acceptable for car designed to carry cabbages for local market but Citroen says its family car - maybe for those who came from c15 or berlingo 1 gen

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