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anyone got a 1.2 turbo petrol Berlingo ?
Looking for a new berlingo. 

Looking straight up at a couple year old 1.6 HDI 8v. 

How ever the new 1.2 turbo piqued my interest with its claims of 110bhp reasonable torque , 30 quid tax , diesel particulates being the work of the devil apparently, lack of DMF or Common rail HP injection 

Shame the facelift front end on the pug teepee version is boggin. Much prefer the prefacelift. 

Most of all what are the real world economy figures like once you stick a load in the back and take down the motorway at 70 mph ? i did a trip in a 1.2TCE logan mcv under similar circumstances and it struggeled to return 26mpg.....where round town it was nearer 50mpg.... 

90% of the journeys my car does are on the NSL dualers i avoid taking my car to town and use bicycles/busses for that so having a car thats eco around town and pish on the motorways isnt going to work. 

so over to you - if you have one how do you find it on economy and drivability. (im coming from a 68bhp DW8 M59 berlingo so it wont need much power to set my world alight - but the dw8 is dependable and returns 40mpg no matter how its loaded or where i drive it.
06 pug partner van dw8 106k miles sold 
04 citroen berlingo forte  dw8 125k miles 
15 Pug Partner tepee outdoor 6000 miles 
05 iveco daily LWB campervan
87 Land rover ninety pick up 
electric long tail cargo bike. 
I not to up to date on the very new stuff but i have read on the French forum they have had loads of trouble with the direct injection petrol engines. The inlet manifolds carbon up and its not unusual for an engine to be totaled at 40k!!!

However i dont know if the engine you have mentioned is one of those?

I suspect the fuel consumption will be not great down the motorway at 70mph - if you are doing that kind of journey i would go for a diesel just.
Lighty is your man he works on them.
I have the 1.2 130bhp turbo version in my Picasso. Its peppy enough although I miss the lazy torque of the 1.6 diesel. Fuel consumption isn't as good as the official figures suggest I'm getting 43mpg average and the three cylinder engine has an odd sounding beat to it. I don't do massive mileage so felt the petrol would be better, for long trips I still think I would prefer the diesel.

Remember to get the £30 road tax it has to be registered before April else it comes into the new ruling. I was after a Berlingo but the cost of them has rocketed, the Picasso is a similar size although it can't compete on shear internal volume.
i do keep my cars to near death. currently running a 54 and a 56 plate 1.9 diesels- engines are solid but the rest of them are starting to get nasty.

ive noticed that just the old days that owners of small petrol engines in high stress situations in heavier cars report high oil use.....

seems to me a good idea to stay with diesel at the moment + there are many around and i can get an auto in the diesel Big Grin
06 pug partner van dw8 106k miles sold 
04 citroen berlingo forte  dw8 125k miles 
15 Pug Partner tepee outdoor 6000 miles 
05 iveco daily LWB campervan
87 Land rover ninety pick up 
electric long tail cargo bike. 
We are starting to get a few of these 3 cylinder cars in now, and to be honest they drive surprisingly well. I find them a little slow off the mark , just for the 1st bit of pulling away, but otherwise , they are fine.
Not had any issues with the manifolds carboning up yet, this is a phenomenon of the 4 cylinder EP chain engine developed with PSA & BMW for the mini.
Had a C3 Cactus in last week, and it's average mpg was 43, which was impressive, I think if I owned one I would get mid 30's especially in a Berlingo.
Having said all that, if it was my choice, I would buy the petrol over a diesel .
Potential problems with a diesel are far more likely in my view. Diesels are so expensive to repair now, 1 injector replacement is @£400 now, and we replace lots of them. Ad blue is a newish thing for PSA , and will inevitably have its issues, plus you have to keep filling it up.
I think diesels will get hammered over the next 5 years, so you may find residual values on these worse than the petrols.
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well i test drove a 1.2 puretech

first thing was - at idle the whole car vibrates. - yer man was busy telling me about this fancy flywheel thats taking vibrations out the crankshaft - at which point alarm bells started in my head....

So is this one broken? - no but without the fly wheel it would be much worse... it almost looked as if the car was a cammed v8 lumbering due to cylinder imbalance

(at this point id like to point out my personal daily is a self built 200 tdi 1987 ninety that vibrates/rattles alot so for me to notice it on a new car its pronounced)

so that sounded expensive when it fails.

Then we drove away - similar to above , it seemed hard work to get it moving , needed a fair bit of revs and clutch slipping with 3 adults in (me and the wife which totals 150kg and the salesman who probably made it 250kg)

in town it seemed ok but on the A road out of town up the hill i swear the lampposts were overtaking me (and we have only had 68bhp in our last two berlingos/partners) i expected more for 110bhp.

in all i wasnt too impressed - as much as i wanted to buy a petrol. the price they came back with for the spec i wanted was also ludicrous and they were not up for negotiation - albe it was a peugeot as there is no local citroen dealer -a shade off 20k(with a couple of options to be fair - but nothing mental) and 16 weeks to wait for it......

back to back with a 92bhp 1600 diesel , the diesel was much nicer to drive , much peppier feeling , runs out of steam much above 70 , drives alot like old 1600 petrol cars i used to drive when i was 18

in the end i bought a 3 year old 1.6diesel tepee outdoor with the same options i wanted (armrest front seats , two tone interior , tinted windows , roof bars , follow me home lights and the black exterior trim rather than the painted stuff) the folding mirrors and good looking alloy wheels that are not on the "included in the outdoor spec(which are all ugly)" list. that has taken a healthy hit on depreciation already due to facelift & a couple of dinks on the body work. - FSH and all paperwork inc original sales reciept for 18,790.

5000 miles on the clock - 8900 of your british pounds. Hard to argue - even if the diesel tax does hit thats practically a new car for a fraction of the cost of a new car and we tend to keep cars for a long time , our berlingo was 14 years old....

next step - replace the windscreen on said old berlingo and sell it.
06 pug partner van dw8 106k miles sold 
04 citroen berlingo forte  dw8 125k miles 
15 Pug Partner tepee outdoor 6000 miles 
05 iveco daily LWB campervan
87 Land rover ninety pick up 
electric long tail cargo bike. 
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Interesting write up - i must admit it will take some doing to get me out of a diesel id rather keep out of town!
well this is it although i will say the Crit air thing coming in across europe has be scunnered for my summer holidays given that one of them covers a large area of the alps and my campers only euro 3 which puts me in a high Crit air banding Sad

have found an LEZ complient diesel LPG kit from tinsley tech - not sure if that is crit air complient though , or i can stump up for a pricy DPF at about 2k......

or just do Staycations in our lovely scottish countryside and make sure i build my next camper conversion on a newer van now i know what im doing Big Grin
06 pug partner van dw8 106k miles sold 
04 citroen berlingo forte  dw8 125k miles 
15 Pug Partner tepee outdoor 6000 miles 
05 iveco daily LWB campervan
87 Land rover ninety pick up 
electric long tail cargo bike. 
On the subject of DMF' on small turbo petrol engines:

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