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The central upper dash display, clock, radio etc = BULB?
Just today it appears that the back-light bulb in my central upper dash display (clock, radio etc) has failed, as in, I can just see the display but it's VERY dim (the rest of the dash displays are fine).

I removed the plastic panel, but cannot see a bulb holder.

Is there a user replaceable bulb in there ?
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).

If its the central display there are three bulbs in there, I think of the top of my head they are 0.4 watts. You can replace the bulb with its holder or just the bulb. Pull the cover up and towards you then remove two torx screws holding the display in. Turn the display round and you will see the bulb holders they just need a 1/4 turn to remove. Have a search on here as there is a thread with pictures on how to.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Ah, OK, Thanks, sounds straightforward enough, I hadn't actually removed the unit, just the cover, so couldn't see the bulb holders.

Problem is though, if there are 3, it's very unlikely that they have all blown at the same time on mine, so the fault must be elsewhere Angry  Everything else appears to be working and I doubt that it has a fuse all of it's own. Oh dear, I hate things that ain't "right".
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).

I know this is a daft thing to say (I am good at daft) But you have not turned down the brightness on the display have you?

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
dont discount all three being gone ESP if you have not owned the vehicle all its life.

Even one bulb is enough to illuminate the screen enough to read it ..although it will have dim patches... when that last one goes your all dark.

the bulbs cost about 3 quid for a box of 10 off ebay. worth a punt. and if that fails you can get MFD units from a scrappy for about 10 quid again on ebay
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Thanks for the input folks Smile 

After work today I took it to bits and all three bulbs are open circuit. Bit weird as it seemed bright enough and evenly lit before this, indicating that all 3 died at the same time. I have checked the system voltage (I am a retired electronics engineer) and all seems normal at 14.1 Volts.

I've ordered a pack of ten "286" 1.2W capless bulbs off Ebay (only £1.80 for 10) but then noticed on a thread somewhere on here that, as also mentioned above, they should really be only .4W, not 1.2W as I have ordered. I doubt it will make much difference, or make too much heat, I mean, it's only 1.2W. Worst case is either stick a resistor in line, or find some .4W ones, the latter option is likely less mither Undecided
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).

Done mine today !

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