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[Engine] crankshaft sensor location on 2.0HDI?
damn car (2003 2.0 berlingo multispace) suddenly will not start, i'm trying to eliminate some things before i call the garage, chap i bought it from originally told me that the crankshaft sensor had failed a couple of years ago, car would not start apparently, and gave me a spare one.

he told me its a devil to get to but can someone tell me exactly where is the sensor as i can't find it and google is not helping? thanks
There is a Haynes Manual available on the Forum for download this would answer your question and lots of other upcoming ones, have a search and you'll find it easily enough.

I'm not against saying where the sensor is exactly but I don't have a 2 litre engine ....... so best I could do is above ..
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
Think its behind bottom pulley
brilliant, didn't know there was a haynes on here.

top of the transmission unit apparently, just not specific as to where exactly that is so more peering about with a torch tomorrow.

possibly though it may be a fuel or glow plug issue, i pumped the bleed pump a few times as i noticed air in the pipe and eventually the car ran and seemed fine. but when i stopped it i had to repeat pump to start again. annoyingly it got dark before i could properly test the plugs.
In case anyone ever stumbles across this thread searching for the same answer..

Take the battery out, take the battery tray out, grab a torch and look in the little gap you will see directly opposite where the battery should be (more to the back of the battery). That's where the sensor is. 10mm spanner on nut, helps to use your fingers to hold said spanner on nut as the angle is odd (took me over an hour to figure that out) and you don't need to remove it fully as the sensor locking plate is open ended and slides off.
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