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wont start!
have an 03 berlingo multispace 2.0 hdi. this past week its been really hard to start. we had jumpleads on yesterday, was turning but still wouldnt start, headlights were coming on by therselves as well. eventually went, but pure dead again this morning. battery & altenator was tested & both seem fine. any ideas would be great!?
When you say battery and alternator seem fine how did you check them and what was the result? The 2.0 hdi needs a good battery how old is the battery. Have you checked the wiring from battery to starter and alternator. There are threads on here about owners with 2.0hdi and they have had problems starting and put on more powerful starter motors. Have a search for the threads.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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You need a good starter motor,does it start OK when warmed up?,if so sounds like bad startermotor
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joanne i had the same problem with my 2.0 hdi . these engines have to spin at enouth speed to start. mine would start after a couple of trys and would send white smoke (unburnt fuel ) i fitted a new heavy duty starter from ebay .this must be 18 months ago now. the car now starts instantly as good as any new one. best thing ive ever done for it. the new starter has also sorted out lots of other members on here. good luck.
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