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Wheelchair vehicle difficult to start - 1.6 HDI keeps needing priming bulb squeezed
Hi all,

Hoping you can help with our wheelchair vehicle

2010 Berlingo B9 1.6hdi 

it's been difficult to start in some circumstances:

When parked facing uphill- the next morning it needs a lot of cranking to start (turns over fast, good battery)
Sometimes does same on flat. Parked downhill seems ok.

Today wouldn't start at all but after 10 squeezes of the primer bulb it started. Once running it's absolutely fine.

The wife had a couple of non-starting episodes where a message popped up on the centre console she says "something to do with pollution" Let it rest 5 mins and started ok.

I put on my rather ropey Diagbox and see the following 2 errors:

Any advice or help gratefully  received. I'm hoping it might be a seal gone that's letting air in and gravity is letting the fuel fall back into the tank.

Thanks in advance,

Nick & Claire

[Image: Bingo1b0117.jpg]

[Image: Bingo2..jpg]
I would change the fuel filter and make sure there are no leaks on the o rings.

If all well there i think its time to do an injector leak off test.

Suspect it does not have many miles on it?
Hi Polar, 

thanks fore your reply, 

it's got about 70k on it, the fuel filter was changed about 8k/8 months ago

happy to do a leak off test (looked it up on youtube!) but - how would the parking angle make a difference if it's an injector failing and why would it not start at all if one injector was faining


reading other forums, should the primer bulb go stiff after pumping? Mine doesn't it stays squidgy with lots of air/bubbles inside - if I had to guesstimate I would say that it only ever gets to 1/2 air 1/2 fuel inside.
Sounds like air is geting into the fuel system
that's what I think but was hoping someone may suggest where may be a common problem

It's going to stop raining here tomorrow so hopefully can get a better look

Thanks :-)

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