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Alarm & Horn ???
Hi all, I'm new here but have had several berlingo's over the years. Mostly 2.0 Hdi's which I loved. 

Bought a 2012 (62) Enterprise 1.6hdi (75hp) the other day. Nice little van, the first of the newer model I have had.

Several problems but I'll get to them in time, 

1st problem. The horn doesn't work, may be the earth but it does work when the doors are locked !!. It sounds once every 3 or 4 mins. Happens with the bonnet open too. 
Anyone had this happen to them. 
The central locking is working fine and the buttons on the dash to open and close the doors and the back doors work fine too. 

2 Question, I'm going to replace the clutch, it's never been done and there is 120k on the van. IThere is a bit of a gudder when taking off and quite a short peddle. Are they a standard 2 piece clutch or Dual mass, does the flywheel need to be changed too. 

Thanks all, and I will be back with loads of questions. By the way if you think I'm mad buying a van with loads of problems, I got it very very cheap and know the guy that had it and although a nice guy he has  it not known for looking after his vans !!. It was regularly serviced but thats it. Everything else was "Wait till it breaks"!
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
Hi & welcome.The horn problem may well be the connection in the steering wheel.I believe there is a thread on it.
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There are several threads on that horn problem but I have no problem if I just close the doors and dont lock the van. As soon as I use the key fob to lock it the horn blows every few mins. I'll check the steering earth tomorrow just to make sure.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
The horn one i havent a clue but i do remember someone on here having something similar and im sure he gave up and disconnected the horn and rewired with a switch on the dash. Still okay for the MOT.

You should have a solid flywheel on a 2.0hdi, you may have a hydraulic clutch and that may be the low pedal problem?
Must be something to do with the alarm or central locking, I have noticed not that the fob wont open the van sometimes. Open it with the key once and it will work fine again until left for 30mins or so.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
The horn problem was on the earlier M59 or mk2 model not heard of the problem on the new shape. It sounds like it has something to do with the alarm, is it factory fit or aftermarket? Have you replaced the battery in the key fob do you have a spare key does that play up as well.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
have only one key for now, previous owner looking for the other one, never used so will probably need a new battery when I get it. 
Might try to disconnect the battery in the van to see if it resets itself !.
Do I need a radio code if I disconnect the battery, haven't got the normal radio card in with user manual as I had with older berlingos. 
Might also try a cheap ODB reader I have to see if it has any faults logged.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
The radio will be OK no code needed you just need to retune it to the station you like and reset the clock .
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This is very peculiar,
I disconnected the battery for about 3 hours today. Horn still blows every few mins when a door or bonnet is open, think its stopped beeping when the van is unlocked but now I have to open the van with the key in the door, the fob wont work until I open the door once with the key. Then the fob will work to open and close all doors but if I leave the van for more than 10 mins or so the fob wont work again. 

I think its a dealer or local garage with the software to diagnose the problem.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 

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