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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
Seems cables have been stolen in my area.

Non existent internet and wifi as a result.

Phone has a bit of 3G or 4G that comes intermittently.

Went for my 6km walk yesterday, what a lovely day. 

Also gave me time to take a break from the Rezin Rockit.

Thames river and Essex.

[Image: IMG_9255.HEIC]

And looking back toward the Medway river. 

I love being surrounded by large water masses.

[Image: IMG_9253.HEIC]

And one of my turning points, where some magic continues to happen.

[Image: 97CD833D-E56B-4EA9-8A11-362A1E1DB3CC.jpg]

Up closer, changes every day.

Hood ornament and mount added now.

[Image: IMG_9258.HEIC]

Later the day I took the truck, went for a drive, did some shopping and had a guy in a Tesla speak to me, telling me he loved the truck and the sound.

The Tesla is his company car and he made an interesting comment, saying is was ultra capable, but has no soul. 

Quite telling, we as humans do love the advancement of the species, but the visceral qualities of a petrol or fossil fuelled engine still gets us going.

The views are always lovely andthe camera does not do it justice.

I popped into Kevins on the way home.

He has also decided to now go with the VW Beetle indicators on the rear fenders.

[Image: 31D1DCE7-7D2B-47D1-B0BE-CD6EC6FE3573.jpg]

All too soon the weekend was over.

But the truck made me grin.
What's the gleaming blue machine in the barn?
Work van:     2020 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Enterprise Berlingo
Spare van:    2001 1.9 600d Berlingo
(25-10-2021, 09:45 PM)notsofast Wrote:  What's the gleaming blue machine in the barn?

Morning mate 

It is a replica of an Auburn

Built on Rolls Royce chassis and all mechanicals with a Jaguar 4.2 grafted in. 

The builder had never done anything like this and had to learn as he went along. 

Not bad for a guy in his 70’s 


He used to run a marine heavy engineering company. 

Had some big awards from among others, HM The Queen.  

Solutions kinda guy.
Getting the panels on the front has transformed its appearance from the video.  Are the wings etc. replicas too?
Work van:     2020 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Enterprise Berlingo
Spare van:    2001 1.9 600d Berlingo
(26-10-2021, 08:56 AM)notsofast Wrote:  Getting the panels on the front has transformed its appearance from the video.  Are the wings etc. replicas too?


He bought the body and most of the panels from someone in Spain. 

He has done quite a bit of fabrication and modifications to make it all come together.
Looking for a passenger seat in Red and black.

Either one on its own.

Or a trade for my drivers side fully electric etc seat.

I want the passenger seat as it is simply adjustable, and I do not need to have all the settings in the Rezin Rockit.

Seats look like this.

[Image: 0556CB15_8ECC_41A6_80E4_FD262C7BD125_620...31ce17.JPG]

[Image: IMG_7652.HEIC]

If you have a pair of passenger, non automated RX8 seats in a different colour, it could be of interest too.

PM please.

So while I fitted the lights, @nickwheeler carried on assembling the other side of the front end with the new hose and cut down bolt and nuts.

[Image: IMG_9729.HEIC]

And finally……..



[Image: IMG_9737.HEIC]

Then we had a coffee and jam donuts to celebrate.

Followed by a start up on the rear brakes as the slave cylinders ordered had been delivered in less than 24 hours.

Unlike me, Nick does not have a foul sailors mouth, the air around his head was crystal clear once we started disassembly, whereas I was in a puff of blue smoke tinged with frustration.

Even the disassembly was just not easy, though I am sure there could be an easy disassembly technique.

Once removed……..

[Image: IMG_9739.HEIC]

Trying the new ones I had bought off eBay it seemed they just did not want to fit, either on the backing or in the drums.

[Image: IMG_9740.HEIC]

At this point a reference to the service manuals Nick and dan had brought here before, showed that there are actually two sizes specified……..

8” or 203mm for the lower spec 1300cc and 9” drums for the 1600, 2000 and 2300cc models.

So as luck would have it, I had bought 9” brake shoes, and then the slave cylinders I ordered were wrong too, they have a round mounting on my brakes, but the ones I had ordered have a more oval shape, so do not fit.

Guess I have a full set of new, unused parts for sale.

Original part number, now need to find a pair.

[Image: IMG_9744.HEIC]

And the original slave has some almost illegible details.

[Image: IMG_9745.HEIC]


Later, and after dark, the lights seem to be really good, I will add one more just inside the roof on the final beam. 

Seems shadows will also not be a big problem, maybe. 

[Image: IMG_9747.HEIC]

I guess progress is progress, regardless.

Morning all

Quick request in case someone can help. 

Sometimes you just need to ask.  

Anyone in the Shropshire near Sandford near Whitchurch able to help Craig pull down the roof and walls of the stables he has bought at his new place next Saturday ?? 

He needs some extra hands and brains just for the final drop before moving the panels less than  100 meters onto his site 

PM me if you live near enough to help.  

[Image: IMG_9895.HEIC]
Just cooked a beed mince curry with chunks of carrots and cut baby potatoes, topped with a bottled curry sauce.

Ate it too, was nice. 

Weather kept me indoors and not where I wanted to be.

Sally was here and is busy with some crafting, so I helped her with preparing the materials.

Printing and cutting the templates for her.

I also deep cleaned my range cooker and then put all the parts in the dishwasher that I rarely use, to clean them, and also all the glass we had picked up on the beach down at the Thames river. 

][img src=""]

Sorting colours and types out.

][img src=""]

And finally, ready for the dishwasher……

][img src=""]

Once she gets the right backing pieces to add the glass and pottery to, I will report back.

Maybe tomorrow will be a warmer day so that I can get down to the garage.
Class, you just cannot buy it.

But you can fake it, RIGHT?



[Image: IMG_1313.HEIC]

[Image: IMG_1314.HEIC]

Going to add so much class and value to this build.

Can’t wait to fit them once I figure what tyres to fit to the steel wheels I have waiting.

Almost weekend. 

Cold forecast again.

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