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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
Dennis and I have been spending a lot of time on Messenger and FaceTime, busy with some stuff we have planned.

This morning at 02.00 USA time, he was painting a wrecker/recovery body.

Asked him why, he replied that it took up too much time in the booth, so painting out of hours makes sense. And being the boss, I guess he knows how to keep his customers happy with crazy fast turn around of jobs.

Anyway, one of his latest side projects is this table lamp.

[Image: D7DB73EE-2C8E-4A26-9BAC-A7A616058119_zpstef7adwl.jpg]

[Image: C05934F5-39D8-44DC-8A23-ED60E3620EB0_zpslomyaxjl.jpg]

I like it.

Anyway, on the way back from Katy's place tonight I purposefully hit the brakes hard from speed, right down to 30mph.

It was a bit like driving a car really hard, just to clear out the system a bit.

What I started out with......

[Image: C47029FC-C111-4016-941A-7BFCCE3AAF60_zpsfepdndxz.jpg]

So this is what I ended up with.

Very much satisfied , at least I am not going to replace the front brakes yet.

[Image: 9A9F2714-6A3F-4E95-AF0E-D542AFB6FC7C_zpslxfdf6pa.jpg]

I also spoke to mate Darren at Unit Engineering earlier and will be subletting his industrial blasting unit for the alloy wheels.

Then I will paint of powder coat them.
Does anyone know how the door side rubbing strips are fixed to these early cars??

I may want to remove them, but if they are clipped in with holes, then no good, however, if stuck to the doors with double sided tape of similar, it's good news.

Thank you.
Tight budget. No spending. I keep reminding myself. 

And I know I am powerless. 

I keep adding up the spend and in real terms I already broke the £1k mark. Of course that includes tax, insurance. But more base costs to come like sorting the alloys, painting them and moving tyres over. 

Got in early today. Well, early to me is 5.15pm and its s nice feeling that one can still see outside even now at 5.45pm

Straight to the garage in my work suit and a quick attack on the van. 

Side strips removed and door panels cleaned up. 

[Image: 621BB448-883A-4E8C-973A-BAF3115CD6F2_zpspklzghuq.jpg]

Cleaned up and cleaned up I think. 

[Image: FE61A14B-4873-4FE4-9ECB-DBFFB311A70A_zpsl35sge61.jpg]

Liking it so far. 


Also checked and typically the window tint I bought just will not make it for the rear window. A £8.00 incl postagefor 10 foot its not overly expensive though.  So may rattle the piggy bank again.
Two weeks into owning this little car it still makes me grin.

I find myself looking for a good reason to use it and just go look at it.

Bought some upholstery fabric cleaner at Poundshop last weekend, just what could go wrong, it can only get better, or not at all. So one of the dry day jobs lined up, is to clean the upholstery, the rear seats are not perfect. If it gets better, bargain, if not, nothing lost but a pound and some time.

My window tint and rear silencer landed too this week.

Looking forward to getting onto the side glass once we have a dry day as I want to remove them all at the same time and do the job in the kitchen.

Fitting the rear silence should be a quick job, famous last words?? 

Couple of hangers and one clamp to join it to the system.

I am very tempted to see just how noisy it is without the rear box.

[Image: B4477D79-3D41-49BB-99F6-608C37211BE6_zpsnzkkli8s.jpg]

I am pleased with what I can see of the quality of this part, it was under £40.00 including delivery and fitting hardware. 
A local figment shop quoted me a best price of £140.00 

So does that mean that I have an extra £80.00 to spend now?

NSRA Swapmeet at Arena Essex on Sunday.........  bargains to be had??
[Image: FE90F6AF-9AD6-4759-B9FC-68D7633C3B0E_zpstzs1tzmy.jpg]
Today was the NSRA Swapmeet.

Went over in the Prozac-Mobile as you never know what you may find.

Met up with CraigRK, mate Martin and saw a load of other guys including Slammedcustom from 

Awesome day.

First the one that got away.

£20.00 would buy this little tool.

I decided to let it ride on chance and go look once we had seen everything, if it was still there, then I would pay the £20.00 asked.

My it was of course gone, Kev From Wales had seen it go an hour before I returned.

[Image: AE50F8D7-507F-47BA-83BC-35229ED5ECEB_zpsevfm1wng.jpg]

[Image: 9189B637-B03B-481E-BDC8-1E3A65CA006F_zpshrpzbeqz.jpg]

Bought these bits, some random, some not. 

Set of auxiliary gauges from Dez on here for the truck, and later a chrome carrier for them.

The cast iron is planned for a Russian style Cross. 

Number plate is one I do not have at all.

Some decent screw drivers and a super sharp scraper type tool I am sure someone will know exactly what it is.

Also a Corvette badge that cost me all of 10p

[Image: 982CF194-D11C-400E-8E4A-FF62FEAD649C_zpsquhhle1i.jpg]

[Image: 27F521E3-0361-4C12-B8E6-F695364DD74C_zps7nunqxy9.jpg]

So all in a good day, the Berlingo also behaved as well as expected.

When I got home it was raining, so no chance to fit the silencer or any of the tinting.

Ended up with a glass of wine and some recoded Sky History.
Great thread keep us up to date . Cool
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Couple more Photoshops. 

Just because they made me smile. 

[Image: A3998425-C97F-413A-9C65-2C0F4D033389_zpstj7ldjv5.jpg]

[Image: BAAE032B-0FE9-47DE-AEB9-DCEE4C42EF52_zpseau8snvo.jpg]

Liked the variation of the usual straight line woody panelling
Thanks for posting your pics, I love seeing them, even the photoshopped ones.
2010 (B9) Berlingo Multispace XTR HDi 112 - Kyanos Blue
Previously - 2002 (M49) Berlingo Multispace 2.0 HDi Diesel - Arctic Steel
Thanks Mike

I love forums and know we learn from each other. So even the photoshops have value. 

The direction I will be going will divide people. But its not important as its ultimately my ride. 

Yesterday a parcel landed from Dennis and when I got in there was a card to say attempted delivery. Rearrange or collect at local village Post Office. Thankfully it is in a convenience store and you can collect till 9pm. 

I had a late night over at Darren Hardy's place making a start on blasting the alloys after collection from mate Jabbo who had pulled the tyres off for me. 

So I did not get a good look at what he had sent me, just opened the box, got a silly grin at some of the stuff. 
Thank you mate !!

[Image: 0F143CF8-79B4-4AC6-9928-69A5DC5E033B_zpslyyocj4i.jpg]

After collection of the box I shot over to Jabbo and then Darrens places about 30 miles from where I live to get started on blasting the wheels. 

In the limited time I had, two were completed. 
I will try get back over the weekend to do the other two. 
Then its paint, switch tyres and refit to the Berlingo as part one of the little transformation I have planned for it. 

[Image: C3BF25C4-D881-4B0B-9B41-AF5C35946587_zpshhkiywht.jpg]

[Image: A1E45C47-3061-4B43-B758-E2C7C5067405_zps68tzrvwu.jpg]

Looking forward to getting to the glass as well.

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