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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
Couple of the badges from Dennis, taken from wrecked trucks and cars.

Number one or number two?

[Image: 92B75C1E-EA4C-4376-8C98-8E43CEC97F9C_zpstpgzrfrz.jpg]

[Image: 68B94C6B-375E-4027-8E9E-75DAE2A5723C_zpsjtgj6dyk.jpg]

Back to the goodies Dennis sent, I also have a load of posters from last years road trip that I could not bring home.

2016 Roadtrip:

Thank you again mate.

[Image: 477B406A-37F0-4942-B8C0-8B0B655DDF6C_zpsaugf4omr.jpg]

Loads of stuff to process and enjoy.

The keyrings were from Flashed in Canton, Georgia.
Another early day into London......

Also the first really nice looking day at the station by 07.00 with blue skies fighting to get through.

Loads of flowers out now too, especially daffodils. 

Life is starting to look good again.

[Image: E48FF39E-E33A-4DA3-87A8-7772CD6A5512_zps1zy9vqj6.jpg]

I do love technology.......

Some time through the day there was an email notification that Disasterbus had quoted me on Fartsbook.

Funny how life unfolds.

Remember my car getting damaged while parked up? Well, the agency I work for has a very greedy policy, so they have taken £150.00 from my salary to cover themselves as an excess..... while I am out doing my job, really flames my shorts. Feckers.

So Disasterbus had a free lawnmower to offer, the one I had bought last year on EBay, to replace the one I found about 7+ years ago at the council tip has not delivered and keeps wanting to die when I mow the lawn.... then the excess on the car, and Kerry saves my assss with a mower I would have had to go buy to replace the dying one.

Thanks mate, I owe you some good Guinness.... bit of a bargain then for one of us.

[Image: EADEC007-954A-4776-81C4-F19B0C2A2E87_zpsjioly9ln.jpg]

Made it home tonight with a bit of light left.

So got out the suit and into garage clothes, reversed the van up onto some ramps and got onto swopping the rear silencer.

£140.00 quoted for the job, I got one delivered for £37.00

20 minutes later........... job done.

[Image: BD6EC94B-9A6D-45A3-A961-C32F4F76A506_zps0ildhstw.jpg]

[Image: D8EABA06-5A4B-42EB-AA99-9DF77FC95C35_zpsdcj7hgy6.jpg]


[Image: BEF9BABE-5C04-4C71-9398-1B68022D4E6C_zpsxehqwqfa.jpg]

Next up, I thought here was a bit of time to get started on the front grille change.

Removed the grille.

[Image: 284F6048-CD63-438F-8883-5734992641B5_zpsntohoezx.jpg]

[Image: B08C742C-204D-403B-8907-CAB6EF11C4E0_zpsf8ngrdfv.jpg]

Then removed the double helical Citröen gears from the grille and masked up, then keyed in the centre bar of the grille so that when I painted it Satin Black, it would kind of disappear from the rest of the grille.

I did not want to cut the bar as it has a fixing tab under the hood release.

[Image: 642C1A31-4DAB-47F6-B016-7569A513EC19_zpspngampkx.jpg]

Unmasked, you can see the illusion created on the right of the grille that the satin black brings.

[Image: EC3C4C3E-6E11-499A-9218-0E579C7E42C4_zpsqr5rkfe4.jpg]

Not a great photo but hopefully you get the picture.

Chevrolet Berlingo ?? 

[Image: 52E44EBA-4EAB-44FC-BE7F-081AAB980391_zpsolhijbac.jpg]

Starting to shape the way I like it.


Needs the wheels to get finished, collect the mower from Disasterbus and then do a few other little jobs.

Maybe another few weeks.

Thanks for looking in, hope you are still enjoying the ride.

Later guys.
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  • b-f-c, Mike
Enjoying the thread Grizz, keep it up fella
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  • Grizz
I like the grill that will confuse the hell out of some people. Keep up the post.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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I don't get it, why put a Chevrolet badge on a Citroen?   Huh 

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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  • Grizz
(10-03-2017, 09:57 PM)jj9 Wrote:  I don't get it, why put a Chevrolet badge on a Citroen?   Huh 

Thank you you for the reply.

Patience Tiger....... Big Grin

I have to do stuff bit by bit by bit as I get time and materials. (It's really meant to be a zero budget build) 

The badge could have gone on in three weeks time, but I had some time to do it, so added it in.

I am hoping people like where I go to with this in the end.

It ultimately has to be a simple load Luger and parts fetcher.

(10-03-2017, 10:45 AM)b-f-c Wrote:  Enjoying the thread Grizz, keep it up fella

As long as guys enjoy it and reply with support, ideas and objections I will continue adding the random stuff I post up on RetroRides and the other 8 forums I go on.

(10-03-2017, 03:17 PM)Tomcat3 Wrote:  I like the grill that will confuse the hell out of some people. Keep up the post.

As mentioned above, if not to generate a smile, then confusing people is as much of a result.

Watch this space mate.
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  • b-f-c
Another week conscripted to history.

Best part of it is getting dirty at a mates factory using tools I do not have  access to.

Thanks to Darren and his dad Derek for tea, biccies and company.

We are a family run business with extensive engineering capabilities, with over 30 years experience specialising in CNC milling and turning of various materials. Welding and small assemblies including Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Brass, Copper and all other alloys.

Products and Services

CNC Tuning
CNC Milling
CNC Drilling
Sheet Metal work
Large production runs

All services come with a can do approach having provided products to a variety of customers our wealth of knowledge and experience ensures you receive quality manufactured goods every time.

Plant and Equipment

Cincinnati Milacron Sabre 1000 with 4th Axis
Hunco Manual Milling Machine
2x matchmaker CNC Milling Machines
Yang ML-25A CNC Lathe With 2” bar feed
Yang CK1 CNC Lathe with 1 ¼” Bar Feed
Okuma LB15-M-CNC Lathe With C Axis and Live Tooling Bar Feed
Manual Colchester Lathe
Okuma LB15-M CNC Lathe with 4th Axis with Bar Feed
KRV 3000 CNC Milling Machine
Kemppi Kemp6 mat Migset for welding / Plasma Cutting and Tig Welding
Marlco hydraulic press
Forklift for heaving Lifting (Yang)
Band Saw
Surface Grinder
Various Metal Cutting Chop Saws
Small Guillotine and folders

As a sideline, they will make you any custom laser cut signs in steel, stainless etc. 

They can also powder coat of paint at extra cost.

[Image: 2EE039A3-037A-4F92-9F71-53A2240BF3C7_zpsuou6vhgt.jpg]

Work station.

[Image: B6002D30-DCCC-4E2B-AF4C-6FF49C436834_zpscxfhodrt.jpg]

Inside and outside getting the treatment.

Amazing the progress you can make with fresh glass media and a lot of air capacity.

[Image: CD95A7FE-FC11-4092-960D-45290F14DBD8_zpstgcnr3r1.jpg]

Of course the job is dirty, leaving you big lumps of coal up your nostrils and anywhere else you care to touch.

But a great way to feel alive.

[Image: CE4041B4-C478-4E63-A627-E216E99ECC0C_zpsptuyllxk.jpg]

All four done.

[Image: A1F5F498-1778-4AB7-8849-968DB55012E7_zpsjvxxfed3.jpg]

Next job will be primer, paint and get the tyres swopped over.

And if the weather holds out........

Window tints.
For those of you replying and watching, thank you.

Tonight's update.

Between a cat on my head, and a small little chainsaw in bed next to me, I was out of bed by 05.15 and surfing the web with a mug of tea by 05.30

Then ironed 13 shirts while trying to keep quiet so the chainsaw could rest and hit peak revs all at the same time.

By 10.00 it was brekkie time, giant crumpets with apricot jam and a good mug of tea.

Followed by cleaning with thinners, and priming the wheels I blasted yesterday.

[Image: 71300CE1-D532-41F7-A197-842854B13EF5_zpsl0o8ejkq.jpg]

Next up the glass came out of the Berlingo.

[Image: 98DE832C-FF72-4F54-A560-0AC1FB902049_zpsfhdmqj21.jpg]

All needs washing, cleaning and drying.

Fortunately Katy was here to supervise, I nearly messed up twice, cutting wrong and facing the film the wrong way.

Than lay out the tinting film, cut to size and fit.

[Image: B3E24F48-F305-48D9-B3C2-990DBFBE2DC7_zpstms1ktr3.jpg]

Squeegeed out the water used to float the film.

[Image: BBBA9017-7784-435D-A6BE-C5C7D9DD455E_zpshh5ini3t.jpg]


[Image: AD7C01F8-EB4B-4423-AF23-D1F287CBCE0A_zpsbhqqtaby.jpg]


Interestingly, once fitted to the van, you can see out very well, but trying to see in is a lot more difficult 

[Image: 1C271FCE-60B8-45FB-A9FF-A94938B3B4FF_zpspzdxar9d.jpg]

Once we refitted the glass, I was pretty pleased to say the least, as this was another one of those things I thought was worth trying.

Then up to the farm for a couple of pics to show the result of our work.

[Image: C6CC7758-F398-4C81-BD2A-D55C5420105C_zpsojvhvtls.jpg]

[Image: 20E3858B-2828-4E97-88DB-9CC674935301_zpsmhvlygbb.jpg]

[Image: E2EE8916-702C-4953-A4D6-74B0380DB6B2_zpsqyoymokl.jpg]

After this we came home and I thought it was a perfect time to complete painting the wheels.

I am really pleased with the outcome of this all, good prep, priming and a decent result.

[Image: E690A294-FB9A-47ED-8093-3B4373D8C23A_zpscyb6wd4s.jpg]

Tonight Katy and I are taking it easy and she is still,cooking dinner....... lucky me. 

And of course tonight I probably deserved my Rum and Pepsi Max.


Who knows.
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Tinting looks really good, and those wheels look great too, loving the updates mate.
2010 (B9) Berlingo Multispace XTR HDi 112 - Kyanos Blue
Previously - 2002 (M49) Berlingo Multispace 2.0 HDi Diesel - Arctic Steel
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