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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
I'm told if you're not too worried about security you could always get new key cut without chip and simply tape the old key to the inside of the steering column cowl- this keeps it near the ignition socket.

Don't know if this works but have heard it does if you want to save money on new key! Don't think they began fitting remote locking till 2002 as standard? My 2000 Berlingo didn't even have central locking, so I fitted full aftermarket remote kit (brain and motors to all doors), which was definitely worth effort.

Aftermarket remote plipper also easy to wire into current locking system if it all works ok.
Yes the method does work and you could take the chip out of your key and put it into a new cut key. You just have to gently pull that square cover out of the key and remove the chip.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Always worth asking.

Does anyone maybe have a spare side mirror cap.

If you look at my car, you will see one is missing.

I prefer to replace it, otherwise I will just remove the remaining item to match.
Found this pic on the Berlingo forums. 

However, it is just a guidance pic

Who knows what front lips, spoilers, splitters etc are out there on existing cars that can be transplanted or grafted to the front of mine?

I know Mk1 Golfs had them a long time ago. 

[Image: D61CB15F-87AA-40CA-BEDD-7735C826269D_zpstaammfve.jpg]

Bad photos of current front end. 

[Image: 52E44EBA-4EAB-44FC-BE7F-081AAB980391_zpsolhijbac.jpg]

[Image: 68B94C6B-375E-4027-8E9E-75DAE2A5723C_zpsjtgj6dyk.jpg]

Thanks guys.
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  • Mike
Away from home for four days this week, I was just down the road at Heathrow in the line of Terminal 5's flight path.

Training, followed by more training and planning, strategy and sales talk. Three days of a throbbing headache, too little sleep and too much good food.

Ohhhhh, and I dressed up.

[Image: ED91F46F-F46A-4701-85D1-0C7A9EE15B5F_zps2bpozelo.jpg]

Got home late afternoon, and Harley of course made it known that 4 days of opening her own tins of tuna just was not on.
So she then followed me the rest of the day, garage, house and back.

The cat does make me laugh.

[Image: 7B868DAD-485E-418E-9A79-3FA8EBF5C722_zpsyqjgzsq3.jpg]

Once I got the laundry started and had a mug of home made tea......

It was time to get down to the shop and get the Berlingo up in the air and the rear wheels off, followed by the brake hubs.

[Image: 38750B97-E44A-4C6F-AB5B-DD89EF78F17C_zpsq0cwhrep.jpg]

Getting those barsteward Torx screws out of the rear hubs was a nightmare, thankfully Stuart my neighbour two houses down had a decent Torx bit and used my impact driver and a hammer to unseat the very rusted screws that I had repeatedly wetted down with penetrating oil.

[Image: DB874FDA-33CE-4696-8197-3031CE914EE9_zpsrkhswjr6.jpg]

Ultimately this was what came to the fore.

Drivers side brake cylinder leaking, badly.

Needs new shoes and brake cylinders.

[Image: 27890D6C-1575-4FBF-96B7-4889836C6040_zpscdeeptpr.jpg]

I will order the brake parts online tonight and collect tomorrow morning when I go collect the bandsaw I got off Facebook marketplace earlier this week, that friend Paul F went and collected and paid for,for me. Thanks mate.

The biggest challenge may be to get the brake lines undone at the backplate to the Brake cylinders, seems it is a know problem too.

While working on the brakes, I also primed and painted two of the signs Darren at Unit Signs made for me.

[Image: 77742B94-311A-453E-A6BF-A6CD91C848F7_zpstgjxgxaj.jpg]

[Image: FA9A937D-ACC3-4ABA-9B5B-B315FF0583B3_zps2rdxulgp.jpg]

When I got back the stickers I had ordered for the sides of the car had arrived as well.

And I took the cars new alloys into the house (my house, my rules) 

[Image: 0052BBB0-DBB9-47A5-9C44-CEBFE65C5A2D_zpsp0rvpkol.jpg]

About three years ago, I bought this Lazy Susan table top piece for silly money, brobably £2.00 form a young couple who,had carried it back from a trip to Australia and yet had never used it.

Pretty much the same here........ till this day.


Another 10 yard hand painted finish.

[Image: 3F7234E1-80E6-4F8C-BAE0-933BEAC234CE_zpsssj9w1np.jpg]

[Image: 3807B12F-C0CF-484F-8AEC-4E7C4577A2F7_zpsi0uim2n6.jpg]

Pretty pleased with this outcome too.

Now just need to get the brake lines loose tomorrow, replace the brake parts and reassemble.

Then of course get the wheels and tyres switched around, may only happen next weekend, but looking forward to it. Along with removing the side trim and replacing with the stickers above.

That's it for tonight.

Thanks for checking in.
It looks great. They are described by some as "ugly as sin", but I love em! Just bought my own a week ago, and at this point I dont think I will ever have a 'normal car' again. Good luck with it, and the pics are brill!!!
Nobody makes me bleed my own blood
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  • Grizz
(13-03-2017, 09:13 PM)Tomcat3 Wrote:  If its factory fit central locking yes it would of had a remote key and the normal one you have there, the remote probably got worn out. The chip is behind that little square in the end on picture. Some have used timpsons for a key but ive not tried them. Or an auto locksmith in your area should be able to sort you out. Another way is by a replacement remote key from china get the blank cut and find someone near you with lexia software who can program the key for you. Not sure on the age of your motor but citroen did use infrared then went to radio frequency for the remote locking but not sure what year so make sure you get the right remote. Look for members with lexia on here or try the French car forum and look up their map.

I will try to get to a locksmith today.

My head needs that key to be cut.
(17-03-2017, 10:46 PM)Leefree Wrote:  It looks great.  They are described by some as "ugly as sin", but I love em!  Just bought my own a week ago, and at this point I dont think I will ever have a 'normal car' again.  Good luck with it, and the pics are brill!!!

Not sure if I mentioned on here, but was speaking to my buddy Craig and he asked if I would sell Prozac, and I said, Yes, Absolutely if the right money (break even) came along.

Then he said what next?

And I actually said another of these Mk1 Berlingos.

That's how much I like mine.
Take two.......

Not what I like to do when the iPad deletes a long winded write up just as I want to post it, especially after another bad night not sleeping.

So yesterday I took advantage of Eurocarparts' "Up to 55% St Patric's Day Discount"  to buy the rear brake parts I needed, shoes and wheel cylinders. I decided to replace the lot, rather than just one side which some people would do. The passenger side shoes and wheel cylinder are fine, so if someone needs them, collection and a cuppa tea.

Back to the discount, so despite these mostly being predetermined and not really affecting profitability of companies, the counter price for the parts was £79.88 or something like that, while the click and collect price is £54.88 so technically I saved some money, and of course when I got there, the wrong parts had been picked..... oooopps.

[Image: AFB1DD75-BB70-4959-A74C-D36D6FB86F32_zpsm9jpzxdf.png]

What I got for my money.

[Image: BA55FD16-AB30-4199-BC3C-4BBC762B10F2_zpsri62wp8z.jpg]

I had been lubricating the brake line nuts and bleed nipples for a week, as they are known to be a problem.

When I tried to undo them with my normal tools, it became clear that I was headed for a heart ache.
So I popped around to my neighbour a few houses down to see if he had advice, he is a mechanic. Spent 90 minutes chatting to him while he finished off some work and then he grabbed a few tools and came around, open ring spanner, vice grips and not very long......

[Image: 2EA29F96-565E-4CD0-87E9-283A6F67D197_zpspgovfxra.jpg]

This lot was ready to be replaced with new parts.

[Image: 056A4530-D418-4EFA-982F-8E2EBE992D04_zpshfd2bvyk.jpg]

All 6'7" of him crouched in front of the job. I did help a bit.

Copper grease going in everywhere appropriate so next time could be a bit easier.

[Image: CEEAEFFB-94BE-4A91-8743-547601804D3C_zpsgp09src9.jpg]

I had also had to remove the centre console to release the handbrake cables so that I could get them off the rear brake shoes.
This was a good thing as I managed to set it right after my test drive once everything was reassembled.

While I was under the car, I tried to offer up the Corsa Combo towbar I got given, but it was not going to fit.

I noticed the spare wheel condition and decided to replace it with the spare, spare that Laurence had given me when I bought the car.

[Image: 4EB4807A-AF66-4B53-A5B8-6AFC2800E0AF_zps0gfnqps2.jpg]

After cleaning, washing and then prep n prime, I gave it a few coats of satin black and refitted it under the car.

[Image: 24DD7D1F-3D18-446D-B141-3B3AB3EB073B_zpskwl4tcka.jpg]

With much light under the car, it became apparent that the bias valve return spring was rusted off and needed replacing as it is an MOT fail if not correctly in place.
So it seems I will be spending another £22.00 on a spring as well.
But it needs to be done.

Ebay ad for the very overpriced bias valve return spring

[Image: 5AC873CA-ECAA-45FD-BA99-8642B8A76C59_zpskt9brdcq.png]

Once I had reassembled the wheels, put away my tools etc, I took the car for a drive up to the farm and bedded in the brakes as well as using the handbrake repeatedly to stop or slow down the car.

When I got back home I readjusted the handbrake some more and refitted the centre console etc.

The brakes are now really great and I feel confident to use the car fully in any traffic.

It still makes me smile and as I said to a mate who asked if I would sell it, the. Reply was a definite yes, and I would replace it with another the same.

I really like the simple lines of the Mk1 model, and specifically the Multispace with its rear door that creates such a great overhang.

Lastly, a photo I took yesterday of one of the alloys just put in place on the hub.

I like it and am certainly looking forward to getting the tyres switched over.

[Image: 3B630AF0-1079-4194-A96B-5DAEFE445161_zpslx9we6x0.jpg]

Not as far out as it seems.
Mate CraigRK was baby sitting this weekend with his wife out in the Canary Islands getting pampered and eating salad.

I had made good progress with Prozac for the Soul and decided to take in the alloys to and get the tyres to be switched over this morning.

I always use KwikFit in Stroud as they have always treated me well.

While I went there, Craig and his daughter drove over and let themselves in at my place.
The wheels took a bit longer than planned, but I got home by 12.15 and then we had a good time, garage and other stuff.

[Image: 03B11E08-F18B-4237-A84C-37CF529F8DDD_zpsqispi2cy.jpg]

Sticking the standard 175 tyres on the VTR rims meant a bit of stretch, that actually looks good to me.

[Image: 67807AFB-FA44-4352-8CFD-4E4978F1F857_zps7piscaci.jpg]

Came home via the carwash, weather was a bit dull, but very pleased with the outcome.

[Image: 6F183996-A2DA-4FC5-A554-439E5AB1FC59_zpsb3sp48pv.jpg]

We also removed the side strips with the intention to add the checkered stickers down the side but found that it is only red and blank, so I need a strip of white to add under the checkers. 

Also found some great repairs under the side trim...... part of the cars history and the signature of a top flight body shop.
It really is quite rough.

[Image: C9DDDA2C-0779-4B10-B961-D8B4A2B881A0_zpsuepyz5pa.jpg]

Craig left early by 4pm as he had a viewer coming over for his ML that is up for sale.

So I went to the garage later to gloat as I am still pleased with the car and the change appeals to me. Minus side trim and with the wheels.

[Image: 9079BD30-1A72-4296-B701-32AB94C2ACB3_zpsbusqxtno.jpg]

I am looking forward to the rest of this coming together.

It will certainly be a Marmite car once done, some of you will laugh, some cry and some will outright hate it.

Weekend over again.........

Thanks for looking in.
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