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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
More randomness.

Had an offer for some free roof sheeting from an industrial site..

Most of you know how my head works.

Free for collection by prior arrangement etc.

[Image: 4522A26B-0AD7-409B-B997-1ECA215B0054_zpshbthvacb.jpg]

[Image: 5A70931A-8382-4B94-A031-5E615C82358F_zpskjeywuco.jpg]

Any of you remember this pipe dream?

[Image: B50417BD-01F4-4E54-89BB-AAF2BBD3E6A6_zpselijytmg.jpg]

[Image: 4FCF0BBA-30FE-4C59-B93D-E5F94A21EA13_zpswkdhhm2y.jpg]

Of course it would mean finding, buying the support structures and putting it all up.

Would also mean a lot of covered space for more “Stuff”

So am I being an idiot, or is this a go for it kind of job....??

In other news, I bought an air rifle last weekend, 


Because there are a couple of large rats patrolling between the properties and I see them cross the lawn to or from the neighbours.

[Image: 6037E14B-9B96-496D-A107-F1BE250AFF70_zpsifjnlcfx.jpg]

Also cut the hedges over the weekend when rain allowed me to.

Have discovered that I have some Wrens nesting at the back by the garage.

That makes is three pairs of birds nesting on my property.

Bush pigeons, Blackbirds and the Wrens.

Plus of course the Fox who comes to look for food every night, pisssing the cats off no end.

[Image: C6EC7F57-EE38-43DA-9D91-6F6FCA7E2FF5_zpsryngoo1d.jpg]

Well, one will be associated with killing vermin.

Hint: It’s not furry.

[Image: 04046D4B-99D0-40CC-B5E0-7A17CF2C3C50_zpsbuajp1wh.jpg]

Absolutely lovely piece of kit.

To go with the little air rifle I bought last week.

[Image: 5827B3FD-C8C5-4DB9-B987-0588F5DC84AA_zpsblbcg8qj.jpg]

Some great weather this week.

[Image: 28C6E393-03DA-451A-A6F6-3C1ED584A899_zpsxquuzgcy.jpg]

St Thomas Hospital gardens offered these.....

[Image: 39FC9877-37C4-4E0C-8C29-D13D1A38EB30_zpsw43rz5gn.jpg]

[Image: D9EBB083-4913-48A8-9A96-822816392F58_zpsv1ev3vsz.jpg]

And the London view toward Waterloo station.

[Image: A4045680-A7DD-4390-96CE-236777B7937E_zpszaugccin.jpg]

In a different hospital I managed to play with this tool. 

Used for cavity inspections for Fire Marshalls.

[Image: 861E2FDD-D2ED-4A74-ABD1-DCF87E4B125B_zps91kschll.jpg]

A pic that came up on FB this week.

First house I designed about 25 years ago and built in Simons Town, Cape Town.

Still a lovely place.

[Image: 3C874662-87D0-47D0-BABC-659036A83C26_zpsccavkh1k.jpg]

Another bonus this week.....

Got to see the Wrens nest and eggs.

I also realised that the Blue Tits have moved into a nesting box I put up this year.

This means I actually have 5 species of birds nesting on my property which pleases me immensely.

[Image: 3B029663-1F30-490D-9D1F-D601A09F97CE_zpsemcfa3r2.jpg]

[Image: 963CEAAF-F719-4442-954D-40CC5A729D0C_zpswgpm7bs9.jpg]

Let’s hope a few manage to be fledged.
Had a great BBQ with friends last night, only two Bud Lights, and to sleep at 11.30.

By 03.00 Insomnia my friend came knocking......

Made a cuppa tea and back to bed, joined by a noisy bed bug.

[Image: C500C36F-42FD-4E40-9F9C-DDCD381E1AC7_zpslkcmyzzo.jpg]

That was the end of my night.

By 6.30 it was off to Bootfair and I found a few small random items.

My winner of the day was this hardwood sign for my garden.

[Image: 1FD4F7C8-E22D-469A-91C3-708D5F78CC65_zpsq4gojzb6.jpg]

At 2 pm I had a lunch and dog walking date at Upnor.

On the Medway river.

[Image: 97998411-7392-44A4-90C4-D2E94F8F063B_zps6qf8i51l.jpg]

A good lunch and a drink at The Pier pub and restaurant followed by a McFlurry.

[Image: 10D1DC0C-5E13-4F89-A96F-1BEFE191FB17_zpslkwzln6s.jpg]

And so ended my weekend.

More training and stress this coming week.

Later guys.

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