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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
Yes I do remember the police version and the Austin 1300 pale blue single light on the top, can you imagine one in a police chase now.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Brother in law had an Imp and a spare engine just for head gasket changes. We could swap engines in about 45 minutes.
So where does this bit go then ?
Yes, the Austin 1300 Police car   Big Grin

There's been some bad Police cars over the years, take a look at this lot...

Engine swap in 45 minutes, you would still be on removing the plastic engine covers these days   Big Grin

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Well, what do you get if you combine a clown, well, a plate spinner.....

[Image: 012705B1-E933-4EF1-B120-1E9007A7753E_zpsrv7rlhje.jpg]

A truckload of beer 

[Image: 5C80A8A7-FC39-4E14-BC5C-502BD76E398D_zpsyfra77jo.jpg]


[Image: 8B7FCF4F-DF34-4A52-8A9F-C968D90AEFA6_zpsvngufegw.jpg]

The Missouri Mayhem Terminator.

[Image: 960AA7A2-BEEB-437D-8271-6F0F7FD3BC2F_zpsjqtqsucb.jpg]

And some black lines that may just matter.

[Image: 9FE3CCCE-A748-48B6-A0E2-F917BE7E0B33_zpsstq2b1ig.jpg]

All headed to go inspect progress here.

[Image: 2CED6713-35CA-4562-BBB1-419BD1B5CA7D_zpsuidb31mg.jpg]

[Image: D0099B26-15EB-4480-84E8-0276B2D29E2C_zpsq0tswgl1.jpg]


[Image: FA843373-CBF3-4EB0-89FD-F3E17AD8ECB3_zpsmwfziltr.jpg]

A old skinny cat with a sixth sense suddenly stuck like glue by your side or on top of you.

[Image: EFE9F89A-A53A-4688-9E5C-BA5106DDA5BC_zpskhqjafxw.jpg]

[Image: 6899CEE9-6CF4-4C76-AA2F-7CFFB17D7103_zpsibawouf1.jpg]

Must be a road trip.

Strange weekend, I was busy nonstop, and all I can show for it is a clean house, garden and bathrooms, plus a confirmed house sitter and cat sitter for September, all the way from Republic, Missouri.

How small is this world, it is where Dennis’ son Adam grew up.

PS. Bootfairs sucked big time today, spent a total of £2.20 on three items.

Better luck next week.
Random acts of kindness some call it.

I say “Just because I can”

Recently bought a book at a Bootfair for my guest bathroom, one of the Chevy truck forum guys saw it and commented on it, so I offered it to him, he accepted and I put it and a Queens Jubilee coin in original presentation pack in the mail to him in Texas.

Yesterday the mailman delivered an envelope with some license plates, and a covering letter from Karl (Aggie) 

[Image: 29090FB6-CCF5-4A6E-BCF5-98680FA4E31B_zpsm1weoxd4.jpg]

[Image: 1CAFAA56-68CE-4255-B67C-8CBF556E5418_zpszpjhu03p.jpg]

Thank you mate.

Pulled from another thread, only in the USA 

[Image: 338FB9B3-8E25-4565-B2D3-6E9A45B30B63_zpsxtjsozw9.jpg]

Weirdly, at the same time a “Come and collect it if you dare” card was put in my mail.

When I broke down last year in Arkansas, I was rescued and helped by Charles.
He sent me a parcel too.
Being a good, older Christian man and totally honest, he did a complete customs declaration on the contents.
Ultimately this was the associated costs, clearly quite unrealistic but I appreciate the gesture.
More than £20.00 in import duty and a handling fee for the post office plus of course parking and a trip into town.

[Image: 41FCB8E6-979F-4293-B193-DF84AA2AA1CC_zpst7yzxrjh.jpg]

Contents, along with a coin.

[Image: 5049956A-9EBF-422C-992D-1825344389D5_zpsktw0lwrr.jpg]

[Image: 5E204F1F-E9BD-429D-B808-8EDCDC7F441A_zpsvl5lkmtj.jpg]

Covering letter from Charles.

[Image: D2B0E8B6-E912-4AFA-9088-15600BEE19ED_zps9mn6bx9o.jpg]

Mate Bryan sent another pic of his Imp 

[Image: 2885EA77-1105-4CF4-B217-DB9F6F5D2ADC_zps8fkgu02y.jpg]

This years Road trip should be a Humdinger, with various visits to factories and members from other forums, including Andy in Oklahoma who collects all the Alluminiumhe can lay his hands on, as well as brass and bronze, which he then melts down to produce amongst others, hammers, trivets etc.

His thread here:

[Image: 48B49B8C-FF19-4441-8256-AE0A1B40B0F7_zpsrvfacdr4.jpg]
Headed to the USA with a clown as a travel partner is a bit worrying, but looking forward to this one.

Meet Craig, my travel buddy this year.

[Image: 176EC39D-CAA3-45EE-8D6D-14FC95B489F7_zpsrl5uabz5.jpg]

Seems to run in the family too.

[Image: 409E15A8-04CF-42A5-973B-3FEA1DC41CB7_zpsqqkyckl1.jpg]

PS: Craig is looking for various parts for his 47-50 Chevy AD trucks, Suburban and Fleetline.

Ideally he needs patina’d parts as his vehicles are all well worn.

I will post up his wishlist/what he is looking for when he gives it to me.
No idea what the fuel consumption is meant to be on these 1.4 liter petrol engines. 

But today I filled up to the neck with 40 liters after 300 miles of unsympathetic driving. 

[Image: CD6BF5B3-2CE8-4E6C-9D91-246B05391A58_zps0rt6iwii.jpg]

I guess the diesel models are a lot lighter on fuel.

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