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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace

Remembrance Sunday, and to me a serious business. Having served too, I do remember those no longer with us, those who,paid the greatest price so that I can live a good and easy life.

Because I worked yesterday my weekend was a bit short, so I had lots to do.

Starting with another bad nights sleep, I ended up doing loads today.

Bringing the truck up from the garage, the plan was to tint the windows and then head for town, but they were more complex as you need a five armed monkey to hold, stretch and apply the film when there is a breeze out like today.

[Image: 0D7995A2-A0F0-420F-9F38-BE9D3CC812DE_zpsw60lj65t.jpg]

Cleaning the inside window glass, I realised the whole thing needed a wash.

[Image: 63C331B7-BE99-4363-A35A-65B24BE46111_zpsxt3bp1rk.jpg]

I also found evidence of a previous tint in the rear.

[Image: 33893746-2310-4486-BB32-EDCDCA138208_zps0u36vb22.jpg]

Quick wash, still took quite a while.

[Image: 09582385-8D30-4EF5-9B27-CAD239E7E4BA_zpsom8uc1gm.jpg]

[Image: 60622117-B296-48FE-8A89-3F4E4BD88683_zpsadbkiqu8.jpg]

Another observation.

I need to find a replacement headlight, this one works but the milky glass does not appeal to me.

[Image: 03C68F78-3A4B-466A-8E06-D89A998C127F_zpspntbhd4s.jpg]

What it should look like, other side.

[Image: 42C0B02E-0170-466E-BCBF-DD8EF43A5F24_zps6hshtyzw.jpg]

Once the car was washed, I took it down the tight drive.

[Image: E7DCAC64-67DC-4625-B180-2244D290B35B_zpsezrwq7rr.jpg]

And first time it was out of the property since I bought it and Lee delivered it.


[Image: 9602F352-D856-4886-B0E4-F8D78A4F8504_zpsywuvr2sq.jpg]

I was headed up to the farm to get a few decent photos......

We like a nice photo, don’t we?

Before alignment time.
So I went up to the farm to see if I could get some nice pics that justified the truck for what it really is.

Not as bad as I have made it out.

I do not think this truck has ever been in an accident and all the panels seem to be straighter than one could expect from a 40year old.

[Image: D47FB9D6-7BC5-4AD9-BC6F-A645C5790803_zpsisnqprwa.jpg]

[Image: B525EC5C-D4D4-436B-AD9E-699B2A6308CE_zps9xkrvalj.jpg]

I had removed the license plate whe. I started to look at getting the Towbar made up.

It was held in place by two rusty panel screws, one broke off in the backing plate, the other came out, so I just taped it in the rear window.

[Image: 46D9640B-4B3D-4E52-B53A-B88419911BE6_zpsczklte2y.jpg]

Thames river in the background.

[Image: C4FC9FA0-1552-499E-B4A2-801E28AD9089_zps0qoekpbw.jpg]

From the farm I headed toward Rochester......

Of course stopping in for some fuel.

[Image: B2846BDB-2F5C-423E-A0AA-1E1F616E277F_zpstqfkeskx.jpg]

Then a drive down the bypass motorway to get a good feel for the handling.

It weaved lightly,and drew to the right all the time.
YukSo after filling the galactic sized tank with enough fuel to run 10 Smart cars for a month, I headed down to Strood to get the wheels aligned but typically the original £30.00 offer was not available as they did not have the details for the Chevy Blazer in their system.

They not so friendly guy behind the counter suggested I go to another shop.

So off to STS I went.

Friendly, knowledgeable guys, relieved me of £65.00 and sent me off with a truck that felt completely different to the one I had taken there.

WIN !!

[Image: B0D510C5-6EA4-4B61-B32C-1A7AF16A73BC_zps71gyj2wx.jpg]

[Image: 090B9973-9873-42C7-8629-8FFDC6970510_zpsy5asijhg.jpg]

The results spoke for themselves.

[Image: D5F4E60C-38D4-4F21-AFC4-E709D83BDDC3_zpsf8ljbcei.jpg]

From there I went driving around, looking for another decent photo venue.

[Image: 711D7B0A-4680-4365-AB60-7F557EC120A4_zpsqfo4olj8.jpg]

[Image: CF8AAA76-B9B4-487B-9738-CC8F920CFB3C_zpss8y6vphs.jpg]

Eventually got home with a silly grin on my face.

The truck is Happy at 70mph on the motorway.

Brakes work beautifully 

30 miles test drive, worked for me.

Reversed down the tight drive, planning to give the window tinting another go.

Realised the garden has grown a lot over the last few years.

[Image: E7EEB525-AAF3-44B1-A172-D23A9150DA85_zpselvmwd1f.jpg]

So trimmed that lot back and raked up all the dead winter leaves.....

[Image: 90247C56-A2F4-411A-AFEE-5F6B305B94E3_zpsw9img62o.jpg]

With the weather constantly changing between rain and not raining I decided to open the rear tailgate and service the window raiser mechanism 

[Image: 7C8953EC-041D-4594-811D-032E8EE1DB1A_zpsggzao4st.jpg]

[Image: 8084E1E6-ECAD-43CA-89DD-A3CDFB8BE8BC_zps0hanzn1f.jpg]

Greased all the gears, sprayed the invisible parts with STS and then tested and shut it all up again, happy.

[Image: F65ECAFF-8F0D-4E4C-ADB1-258579B5C5AF_zpso9nw4rug.jpg]

And them thought I would give the window tinting another go.......

Big mistake, again.

So I left it alone.

So that ended up a great day for me.

Only the MOT left to go do when I get my day in lieu back.

Then lots of fun, random things after that.

I hope.
Funny how the little things, like looking out and seeing this lump,outside now makes me smile.

[Image: 3D704BBB-1216-4A54-B715-C189C0CE48A9_zpskgmbzbft.jpg]

I was asked on another forum about English property sizes and access and how I got the truck into the garage.

I guess TIGHT FIT is not an understatement.

Reversing the Blazer down the side of the house gets the best results.

I actually have to swing it around every concrete post as the mirrors are too wide to just go straight down.

Makes me chuckle at the madness every time I do it

[Image: 7E432377-82B5-48BC-ADAD-1BFE0A681FB6_zpsedzgkivg.jpg]

Prozac the Berlingo is an easy loose fit.

[Image: 57161B26-F7EA-4338-8D2F-E2693973D2E4_zpsfrslqewi.jpg]

Mate Darren of Unit Engineering had a bunch of random items in his £5.00 bargain bin on FB this week, so I bought the stainless Stormtrooper for the Blazer.

He will also later cut any other design on request and does all sorts of engineering and batch engineering manufacturing

Still need to figure out where it will go.  

[Image: 21433A53-6CDC-4268-BA09-8559D1018EE4_zpshuw5gmui.jpg]

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